Snow White & The Huntsman + Madagascar 3

This movie should be in my list of top 5 lousiest movies I’ve watched. Actually… I don’t even really know why I went to watch this show man, I didn’t quite like Kristen Stewart, seems to me her acting skills is the same across all movies she’s in. Which now when I think about it, pretty much like the acting skills of most Taiwanese actors / actresses. Acting in different shows as different characters, but all the talking style / behaviour is exactly the same, not distinctive.
Oh.. Yeah, I’ve wanted to watch this show cuz
  1. There’s Chris Hemsworth inside, not that I am particularly fond of him, it’s just one of the reasons to watch the movie, maybe cuz I pretty much liked his Thor character haha.
  2. The CG effect. There’s one scene in the trailer where the evil witch just make a turn and her cape turned into crows, yeah, mainly is cuz of that scene which made the  CG looked nice

And that’s how I was fooled into watching a torturous show like this. A wasted 2 hours of my life, that lucky friend of mine managed to slept through the 2nd half.

Story didn’t make sense, like how I’ve told my friends, evil queen caught Snow White, throw her into some of the random jail cells and decided to just let her grow up in there. Purpose of imprisonment : none. And then finally Snow White managed to run away from the jail cell and out of the castle entirely, she jumped into the sea, got up at some nearby shore, followed some random birds and voila! A white horse just sitting by waiting for her to ride. Reason why a random white horse is there : none. There’s even a particular scene :

The Making of Statue of Liberty
The Making of Statue of Liberty

The evil queen bath in milk and came up like this. And then…. nothing happened, skipped off to the next scene. I was really just “?????????” in my head, what was that scene for..?? My friend, who had snuggled up in a comfy position, getting ready to doze off to lalaland, sat a little straight and took one glance at the screen and commented “she turned into a status of liberty?”, yup, exactly, I was thinking that too. But really, what was this scene for..?

I understand that there is a need for the Huntsman, well, that’s of course, if not, it’d just be called “Snow White”. Okay… Then why does the movie need another char like Snow White’s childhood friend..?? Other than trying to make this into a complicated (?) love triangle thingy, there’s really no need for a childhood friend man. The only time he prove some worth is when the evil queen disguised herself as him and then offered the red apple to her. Oh, and before that, she kissed the childhood friend, and yet it was the Huntsman’s kiss  that awoke her.. Almost felt like it’s Bella acting as Snow White here man.

Okay, moving on, all in all, a sucky film, don’t watch it. Neither the queen nor the princess are good in acting. And this film’s main characters are them, so if both acting is quite sucky, and with the story that has a big gigantic ginormous hole in it, there’s really nothing worth watching.

I think evil queen will act better as a psycho patient, with all the shouting, yelling and weird stares. The mirror might just as well be melted into some liquid. < 5 minute of screen time, 50% of the screen time is when people were carrying it from outside of the room to inside of the room and adjusting it on the wall.

Tatatatatatatata circus! Tatatatatatatata afro!

Circus afro! Circus afro!

Polka dots polka dots afro!

Yay!!! Madagascar 3!!! It’s a pleasure to be watching this after Snow White man. The show was random and funny, with the addition of some new characters andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd most importantly, the addition of the song as above, which blends in very well with the original “I Like to Move it Move it”.

They managed to circle a lot of things back to the first film, but this also led me to think if there will be another Madagascar 4 after this. Okay, spoilers, so not gonna say anything.

Wouldn’t say it’s better than the first 2 ones but it’s still a good laugh. Guess sequels doesn’t keep getting better. I just hope Ice Age 4 is going to be good man.


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