Bon Voyage

Don’t think I’ll have the time to type a real farewell tomorrow. 

So I’m gonna just say : Bye guys!! 

See ye guys again next next week, and wish that I’ll come back in a piece xDDDDD 

Bon Voyage to me~~


9 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

    1. Lolololololol you’re just jealous dude. And yeah there’s really nothing much here man. Currently just lolling around on the bed while it’s raining outside lolololololol I’m trying to learn how to ride a bicycle man aaaaand I think it’s for naught. Still duno how wahahaha

        1. Crazy ah, my clothes itself is like a dead weight to me already damn heavy la still bring a laptop I think I will just lie flat on the floor with the bag under me man

          I got my itouch and there’s wifi in the hotels we staying. There’s also a lt of Internet cafes here actually haha

          And I didn’t managed to learn man the bicycle is on a daily rent we onli rented it for the first day then we returned already I have no talent for cycling lololololololol

    1. Lolololololol ok shit you man I dun even know how you managed to learn it straight on the spot so so so so so hard to learn I keep wobblin to one side I dunno why haha sadded man

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