Abraham Lincoln ; Spider Man : The Amazing Spider Man ; Ice Age 4

For people planning to watch the movies, not recommended to read the following as it may contain some random spoilers here and there.

I’ve dunno why I got so many movies to review on, and I really don’t want to, but then since I’ve always recorded down the shits I watch, I think I should at least summarize and share my thoughts in a brief manner.

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter is okay. Not nice, not great either. A lot of startling moments where the vampires will keep running towards the screen, total silence and then sudden loud noises, typical typical kind of scaring effects. It’s kinda like sitting on a pirate ship where the first few swings made me felt like my heart is gonna jump out from my mouth but about 10 minutes of that, you’re just immune to it.

The constant jumping of the lady that’s next to me is the one that really caught my attention than the vampires after that. I have no idea how come after 1 hour of the show, she’s still jumping. Amazed.

Kinda smart how they linked up the vampire together with slavery shit and thus indirectly making the Abraham Lincoln in the show to want to become a president though.

I’ve been watching weird not-so-good, and not-so-great movies recently. So I felt great when I’ve watched this. It’s pretty nice, I didn’t watch the whole of the first spider man movie, but I recalled that the uncle died because spider man didn’t stop some robber / thief / person from running after he robbed / killed / dunno did what, and when that guy fled, knocked into the spider man’s uncle and his uncle died due to the shot from the robber / thief / person.

Anyways, some similar part from the first movie in which the outcome is the same, and I very nearly cried, my tears were welling up in my eye, but I tried hard to swallow it back (keke, cuz dun like ta cry in public).

Graphics is good, story is nice, sparks between the male and female protagonists seemed real too (heard they were a couple in real life, not sure true or not, too lazy to check this up, mainly cuz I dun really care), and according to my friend, she said it’s nice because there’s no total bad guys in the show, as in that the bad guys are doing bad because they have their own personal problems. Well for me, I like it when the total bad guys are being totally bad, so when they got killed by the good guys I feel happier (yeah, I’m such a evil little shit).

Okay, this is the movie I really wanna talk about. I don’t really care about the other 2 LOL.

I’ve just watched this just now. It’s really good, I’ve been waiting for this movie since the start of this year and truthfully despite the expectations that I have for the show, it’s really good, in the sense it didn’t fall short of what I’ve expected.

This compared to Madagascar 3, Madagascar 3 felt like a failure man, yeah, it’s funny and all but just… just not there haha.

I love Ice Age, I can tell there might even be an Ice Age 5 and I’m definitely going to watch it, I love the whole series man.

The scene in the above poster is one of my favorite.

Not gonna say much about this movie because I want you guys to watch it!

If Brave is not that great, then this movie is going to top the list of movies I’ve watched this year haha.


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