Back To School

Yup, I’ve started school, all my dreams of going overseas to study is officially buried deep deep into the ground. I’m currently studying  in uniSIM, if you don’t know what’s that, it’s SIM.

So what’s the difference between SIM and uniSIM?

There’s no difference. One has a more expensive school fees, and the other is government subsidized school. From the experience of working outside for close to 2 years, what I see is there’s really no difference between studying in SIM / uniSIM/ MDIS / whatever. Cuz apparently there’s only 2 categories in the outside world. You’re either in the “Local U grad” or “Other grad”. Yup, not much difference. Main point is, SIM Global doesn’t really have the course I want either, and so yup, here I am.

I’ve just had my first 2 lessons the day yesterday and yesterday.

To describe everything in one sentence : I’m tired before the lessons even started.

The crowd in Clementi is really… hugeeeeeeeeeee. Not huge, but hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can’t even get up when the bus came. Whenever a bus came, the crowds will all buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to the bus, and the best thing is when the bus is full, there’s still a hugeeeeeeeeeee crowd left. I only got up in the bus when I just stood at one side and refused to keep following the crowd.

One time of that experience is enough to traumatize me. So, I took another route, I took the MRT from Orchard to Buona Vista and took bus to the campus from there, the bus is less crowded, but the amount of time took for travelling is still the same. I guess no matter which direction / way / method I took, I’d have to spend 1 h 30 minutes to reach the school from Orchard.


I remembered when I was young and watches some random Singapore drama, there’s a few characters in the show who work and studied in night school, the young / pure / innocent / ignorant / naive me then was thinking how come the characters work and study at the same time.

Now I know.

Don’t ask me if there’s any handsome guys in the class or not. Because there’s really none. Even if there is, people in class don’t interact with each other, so not much difference.

I hope three years down the road, I can look back at this post and say “it’s not that difficult after all”. *cough*.


8 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. yeah well, no matter whether i was going to work or to school, i took the same amount of time anyway, so cant say i feel your pain, hahaha.
    btw, this layout is quite nice, but a bit confusing, and i miss the bar where they tell you which are the updated comments. not as user-friendly i guess. but looks nice.

  2. oh wait, i take it back. i found it at the bottom, haha. okay cool. pai seh, not used to this new layout. feel like changing mine also, i’ve been thinking about changing it for a while, but too lazy. hmmm

  3. tengteng : eh…. awesome when you’re not working and studying at the same time i think for me . LOL. and after working liao, i prefer to just work leh, at least you dun have to do homework / study for tests.

    oi : hahahahaha, if i go to school from my home, not that troublesome, is going to SIM from orchard that sucks big time man.

    yeah i like this layout also, onli thing I don’t like the comments bar at the bottom haha, at the right side better, can see who commented, but since i got notifications whenever people comment, doesnt make a difference to me hehe.

    go change la. i see yours see until sian liao also. best if lynnette also change hers hahaha.

  4. this layout.. and the balloon.. its. really. plain. LOL. but i like the balloon moves when I scroll the page.

    no interaction, that means u dun get to know ur classmate yet? u didnt interact with ur neighbours? LOL, should get to know someone, at least during lesson won’t be so boring. but it still quite difficult to get people tuning into the same channel. (ignore me, just crapping)

    anyway, enjoy ur school beh~~ im also going back to schoool sooon

    1. hahaha, plain meh, i find it nice leh. LOL. i like keke.
      no ba, every class also different people, no point ba, somemore 1 week meet one time for that 1 lesson nia, dun think there’s really a need for interaction LOL. I find it better like this, no need to waste time for emotional investment hahahaha, only bad thing is when project comes lo.
      hahahaha, yeah la good finally you going back school, at least i feel happier LOL.

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