Haw Par Villa (with the LEO)

Bravo! After delaying this trip for like half a year (as according to either Oi or Lynnette, I don’t remember who), we’ve finally made it to Haw Par Villa. It’s pretty disappointing, nothing much for us to see there, just random sculptures, very much like how I felt when I went to Buddha Park in Laos, I kinda thought there’s a lot of things there to look at haha. Well.. It’s free, so can’t complain haha.

I think the most interesting sight to see is the 18th level of hell thing, the tortures we’d go through after we’re dead to make up for all the sins we’ve committed in our present lives.

After seeing it, felt a little bit depressed, doesn’t really matter which sins are committed, as long as one sin is committed, the torture modules that are available all seems equally painful.. Anyways, cuz most of the torture sculptures are a bit on the gruesome and bloody side, I didn’t take much of them.

I realised.. I only took one of them, particularly disturbing for my case.

Cutting the person in half through the stomach

Look at the sins committed that will let the person go through this.

Guess the reason why. T.T

Really nothing much to talk about, and pictures speak a thousand words, so just look at the pictures. I’m too lazy to type LOL.

One of my favourite pictures, random posing

This is the bridge that we have to cross after we’re dead. Apparently there’s 2 bridges, the golden bridge is better, funny, I’ve always thought that there is only a bridge.

The “meng po” soup, which we drink before we get thrown into the wheel of reincarnation, this soup is to let us forget all the things that happened in our previous lives.

After we have fully repay what we have done when we were living (as in repaying the sins by going through the tortures), the King of Hades will then pass down the verdict to see if you’ll get reincarnated into a comfy life / unhappy life of human or as beast.

This is the wheel of reincarnation. Top left is random people life, top right is a life of luxury, middle left is fowls and critters, middle right is ox-es, pigs, goats etc, bottom right is sea creatures. And until now I still don’t know what’s the one on the bottom left, maybe reincarnated as fossils…?

Above taken randomly, we only put more effort in reading the signs when going through the 18th level of hell, and after that we were just roaming around, thinking of what to eat next after this entire trip haha.

And finally, self shots of ourselves~

This was taken by me, but I prefer the one below, taken by Oi Oi.

Initially I wanted to use this as my cover photo on facebook, but I realised, this picture looks nice when it’s not that zoomed in, and when posted on facebook, I just couldn’t find the right resolution. Resizing on Paint made the whole thing super unclear and gross. No photoshop with me, can’t help it haha.

Was a good walk, would have bring my kids (if I actually will have them in future) there for a walk before enrolling them into primary schools, quite a good motivational talk. Actually I should have just took down all the punishments when I was there, but when I look at the bloodied sculptures, just couldn’t bring myself to take pictures of them hahaha.

Oh yeah, guys, wanna go to Sungei Buloh? Seems like it’s the place where we went when we were in PHS?



4 thoughts on “Haw Par Villa (with the LEO)

  1. it’s not sungei buloh – i did my primary school project on sungei buloh and i’ve been there like 500 times so thats definitely not it. its probably one of the parks near the coast or something i think…

    and you want i can help you photoshop it if you like, haha
    but wait till i free first. tomorrow going out.

    1. is it, but then i see the picture, look like sungei buloh leh, anyways, seem like the reviews not bad also, lets to sungei buloh!!!

      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you go and update your facebook la, i also dunno what’s the resolution needed to put the cover photo, i know is 400pixels in height nia. i also wanna go out!! you this little shit, sobs, still have school tonight somemore.

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