Wish List

Okay, gonna be very upfront this year. Truth is, I don’t really have anything that I’m wanting currently.

ALLLLLLLL I want is $$$$.

Lemme justify why I needed money so badly.

I just changed my specs, which costed $300 bucks, because my degree got worse, the frigging lens thickness got even thicker, and it doesn’t look nice with the frame, so I took some additional shitty functions which costed more.

I just bought a perfume and a pouch from Victoria’s Secret yesterday night, which cost $150 bucks.

I’m still in debt of $4k to my poly school fees.

And I have to save up money for my upcoming school fees.

Truthfully, all I really need now is money, so if you wanna get me a birthday gift, just give me ang bao instead. LOL. Cuz any other things that you’re going to get for me is not going to help me in any case.


We can just meet up and you give me a treat or something ahha.

Yup, that’s it.

No no no no no no no wish list. xD

UPDATE*** ( for oi oi only cuz I’d still prefer $$$$$$$$$)

Just cleaned up my table, and now I think I have something on my wish list now lol.

Looking for a whiteboard / pinboard to put at the white space in the above, so if you guys can find me something like this, I’ll be happy to keep it as my bday present!! xD


13 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. you this unhelpful person. fine! i’ll treat you!
    i refuse to hand you money and then have you give me back money on my birthday! its ridiculous!
    anyway, so monday night free or already booked or what? when you want to meet?

  2. kmye : LOLOLOLOL. shit you.

    oi oi : hahahaha, toldja i dun have anything i want liao ma, anything gotten for me will end up in the dustbin a few years later maybe, LOL. HAHAHA, you can hand me $$$ and i can get you something on your bday ma tsk tsk.
    and nope. im not free the coming week, maybe have to wait till next week liao. i got school on tuesday and wednesday yo. bo bians.

  3. oi oi : er…………. okay. i was thinking if i got anything on on friday or not, but i remembered i got an assignment to hand up LOL.

    oi oi & lynnette : okay lets meet on saturday, but i think the novena korean bbq should be crowded like siao on saturday ba?

    1. got went there before. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crowded. or should we go for the afternoon bbq? i think lesser people. dinner de is like…………………. scary.

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