The Dark Knight Rises – Movie

No idea why I’ve been watching so many superheroes movies recently, I was never really a superheroes fan. I’ve never watched Spideyman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, whatever other movies that ends with a “man” word. But this year I’ve watched a great number of superheroes movies. Weird.

Anyways. A lot of people told me that this movie is good, maybe cuz I didn’t watch the previous 2, I can’t really tell what’s great about this show. Maybe the 2h 30 minutes of sitting in the theaters is very worth it for the price haha.

First time watching a Batman show, I’ve never watched even 1 of it before (at least for spideyman I’ve watched the first one and forgotten completely about the movie). Gotta say the guy’s voice is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy * drools*. Love it the most when he’s talking behind the mask man, maybe due to some voice changer or something, whenever the guy is in his batman suit, his voice frequency went super low and husky *drools again*.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd, he’s got a nice jaw man. When he’s under the mask, I kept kept kept kept staring at his lips and jaw hahahaha, I sound like such a big pervert wahaha.

Halfway into the movie, when he’s being thrashed horridly by the bad guy, I looked at my watch and to my horror, I realised there’s still another half to go. I guess it’s a bit too long, perhaps they could have shorten it a little, or if they want it to be so long, at least let him be in the batman suit for 90% of the time *coughs*.

The end is pretty surprising though, I really thought the main bad guy was the masked guy, since the advertisement is on him alllllll the time, and he’s taking up pretty much of the screen time man. Who knows who knows who knows it’s some other random person. And I kept thinking that Batman is retiring soon, because there’s like a potential guy who seems like he’s going to receive the baton, turns out it’s Robin =.= . Can’t blame me, as I’ve said, never watched any Batman movies, I totally forgot about the guy called Robin hahaha.

There’s something about guys in the late 30s to early 40s man, especially charming to me *drools again*. Eminem and Jeremy Lee Renner makes me squeal too.



2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises – Movie

  1. FIRST!

    and i cant believe youre a fan of christian bale’s…..jaw?
    you and your mysterious preferences.

    i still think matt damon as the original bourne dude was the best. i dont see how jeremy lee renner is gonna be able to adequately replace him.
    plus matt damon is so much hotter.
    and no, i refuse to argue on that point.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAA, dun you think his lips there very de………. appealing LOL.
    what mysterious preferences hahaha

    and no!!!! if its matt damon acting i wun be watching man, the main point is cuz its JEREMY LEE RENNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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