Bourne Legacy – Movie


I’m gonna use this big picture for the post to show my full support for JEREMY LEE RENNER *coughs*, I mean Bourne Legacy. Just watched it few hours back and I should blog about this movie while it’s still fresh in my brain.




The show is not bad, a lot of people told me it’s not that nice and some reviewed it as a flop. I think the point why I think it’s nice might be because I haven’t watch the first 3 episodes of the Bourne series. And secondly, the most most most important reason is because, IT’S FEATURING JEREMY LEE RENNER!!! Even if the whole movie froze in the middle due to some accident happening in the playing room, as long as the scene has Jeremy Lee Renner inside, topless, I don’t mind staring at it until the whole movie ends.

Btw, I’m using the above picture as my desktop wall paper.

Throughout the show, there’s this irritating guy sitting in front of me, who’s blocking the middle part of the Chinese subtitles, and whatever that’s behind the subtitles. It’s hell annoying man, especially when I’m someone who rely heavily on subtitles cuz I can’t get accents (no matter which country’s accent, I can only understand Singaporean English and Chinese).

If I’m watching some R21 movie, I’m pretty sure this head in front of me is going to block out the most important part of the show man :|.

Anyways, a lot of scenes where Jeremy Lee Renner showed his flesh *DROOLS*, and one part where he was lying on the bed topless. Wakakaka, if I was at home watching the movie, I might just take a cushion and keep swinging it on the sofa.

The motor scene was great, mainly because JEREMY LEE RENNER LOOK SO SUAVE RIDING IT!!!!

Fighting scenes are good man, I’m just staring at his arm muscles all the time if I had the chance too hehe. (Take a look at the trailer for a few fighting scenes, SO COOOOOOOOOOL!!)

Okay, nothing much to say. The whole purpose of this post is to totally SWOON over him.

PS : If you haven’t watch it, go watch the show NOW.

PPS : This is the movie I’ll watch a second time man.

Lookie at the arm muscles, makes me wanna scream like a fangirl man. LOL.




4 thoughts on “Bourne Legacy – Movie

  1. FIRST.

    and given that i’m not interested in jeremy lee renner….i can safely say this movie holds zero appeal for me whatsoever.
    and yes, you really HAVE spent an entire post fangirling over him. and i actually read the entire post. wow.
    i ask myself, why?

    1. LOLOLOLOL. did ye watch the previous episodes of bourne?

      and yeah im surprised you read the entire post hehe, maybe cuz you actually liked jeremy lee renner subconsciously and you didnt realise it *bambi eyes* LOL.

      and look at the last picture, his arm muscles, omggggggggg i can stare at it for a long time man. SO HANDSOME!!!

  2. yes i have watched all three of the previous bourne movies – i’m not a big fan, but i think they pack some pretty cool action.

    and no, there is no chance of this subconsciously liking him thing happening. all of me is in full agreement about this.

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