Frigging Tired

I’m waking up feeling a lil’ depressed on every Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (going to change soon in 4 weeks’ time). Cuz I’m having my lessons after work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, these are the 2 days that I particularly have strong emotions for my office suddenly and don’t wanna leave at all. 

Anyways. Just back from a lecture.


But cuz I can’t do it now, nor any other time, I should just do it virtually on my blog.

It’s tiring enough that I’m suffering from motion sickness on my bus journey to the campus from my workplace (35 minutes bus journey). I finally got better after sitting still in the class for some time. And then I got another motion sickness on the bus journey back to Ang Mo Kio (45 minutes).

On a side note, salutes to people who have worked and studied at the same time. It’s hellish for me and you know what’s the best part?
It’s only the 4th week   

PS : Really hate pampered rich bastards.



7 thoughts on “Frigging Tired

  1. oi : thankies~

    tengteng : ill be happy if dun have homework and exams and quizzes. LOL.
    actually good thing about my school is, textbooks dun need to pay money. or maybe they alr included it in the school fees, so it kinda felt free to me LOL.

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