Recently felt like have spent a lot of time waiting for people, and decided I should blog about this to let off a little steam.

Truthfully, I’m not a super punctual person either, most of the time I’ll be late for about 5~15 minutes when meeting my friends. Partly also because sometimes my friends will also be late for that amount of time so it’s pretty much considered a “grace period” haha. I don’t mind waiting for people if they are late for like less than 20 minutes. That short amount of time is okay. But if for example, person A and me are supposed to meet somewhere at 12pm, and then at around 12pm, the person sms-ed me that he / she is still at home at that time, that’s really overboard.

I don’t have a good temper which I think most people should know (or maybe not cuz you didn’t really do things that pissed the hell out of me very seriously before). I have a short attention and patience span. I absolutely hate it when I’m wasting my time for people’s sake. Not saying that my time is previous, I like to waste time too, but I prefer that it’s me who is wasting my own time, and I absolutely hate it when it’s people wasting my time.

Taking the above example, if we’re meeting at 12pm and you smsed me earlier that you’ll be late, and at that time I’m still at home, it’s not that bad, cuz I can still have some time to slack around at home and then go out at a later time. Worst case scenario : I’ve reached the place at 12pm, and then called / smsed A to tell him / her that I’ve reached, no reply from the person, and then maybe 10~15 minutes later, called me to tell me he / she just left the house. That will absolutely piss me off.

If this kind of thing happened like once in a lifetime, it’s still understandable. However, if it happens like almost of a everytime-basis, I have nothing to say too. It makes me super pissed off if the meeting is set early in the morning (weekend) and I have to wake up earlier to make it for the time, and in the end the person tell me he / she is late. Because, not only you will have to work on the weekdays, I have to work too, and who wouldn’t want to sleep more on a weekend? I forced myself to leave my bed early in the morning and then you’re telling me that you’re late, actually, if I’m a little more vulgar that I am currently, I would have called and just shouted the F word at him / her.

I’m not even sure how can somebody be late for exactly 1 hour plus for every gathering / meeting that was made. Sometimes a small thing like this might not really make a big deal, because I won’t die if you’re late for that 1 hour, but please think of the inconvenience that will cause to the others when you’re late for that long for everytime. Not only you’re causing utmost inconvenience for the other person, but people’s impression of you will keep going down. It’s easy to make a person think badly of you, but if you want to get the other’s person impression of you up again, it will take so much more effort. It’s small things like this that add up to the impression that others perceive of you.


13 thoughts on “Punctuality

  1. sometimes, people just take it for granted thinking that the person is their friend and being late is forgivable. but then again i cant stand people who persistently being late.

    recently i got this friend, everytime we set a time to meet(whether its for school/meeting up), that person keeps coming late. somemore i damn impatient one, if the person is late for 15mins i already damn irritated. somemore that person can come late for 30-40mins. plus at the start they know the time is reaching and keep taking their own sweet time. its damn irritating and if that person is the only one im waiting for, i think i will just gone home and let the person reach there late. LOL

    1. hahaha, im a bit like the first paragraph you’re saying, but most of the time i only late a bit haha.

      I also recently got this friend like this ma, make me damn pek chek, best thing is everytime say meet this time, then you call her like 10 minutes before the time, cant find her, no smses, no calls, then when reach the time liao call you to say she just left her house. like wth =.= very jia lat la, people who keep getting late for that kind of time, very xin ku, anyway i trying to not individually jio her out liao. rather not meet, waste my time.

      1. urs is late a bit only. some ppl just come damn late and don’t even feel sorry about it. not even 0.0001%. and when i said u are late for xx mins, she just pretend not to hear it. thats very irritating. LOL i also wont individually jio this kind of ppl out. if i had to i will definitely make had a taste of own medicine. LOL

    1. LOL cuz youre not the person im pissed about. especially after having a friend who is always late for so long, youre like an angel liao in comparison. but of course i dun mean youre literally an angel, just like in comparison.

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