Part-time Uni

To be honest, I always thought that the reason why SIM is much less recognized than local Universities is because the things taught in SIM is easier than what’s thought in local Uni. Well, why else can people just work full time and study part time for their universities’ courses whereas people in local uni have to study fully while not working at all?

And now I realized that’s wrong.

I’m taking this math module currently which is killing me. It consist of shits that don’t make sense, and because I’m studying part time and working full time, I got even lesser energy / time / perseverance / will / whatever shit there is to go study this thing thoroughly. And because for the whole module, there’s only like 6 (lessons) x 3 hours (duration) to go through that whole study guide shit thing, in one lesson, they’re like squeezing things that can be taught over 2 lecture into 1.

It’s a brain drain man. Go in with already half your brain cells gone from work, and go in have a virtual Armageddon happening in your brain to wipe out whatever cells parts / juices in there.

I have this 1000 word report on I don’t know what shit to write about which is due next Friday. 2 lessons of the math lecture to practice on, which involve some shitty thing from an earlier module of this to study on (crazy me skipped off the earlier module and proceeded to take the 2nd part of the math and thus making me even more lost in the jungle).

My memory of math is nothing but those from primary school man. The lecture I went through yesterday involved Cos, Sin, Tan shit (already eliminated from my brain few years back) and there’s actually this sec thing. I thought only Cos, Sin and Tan existed, and suddenly pop out 1 sec thing. Argh and fibonacci. I’m going to try banning myself from playing game for a while man. I dun wan dun wan dun wan dun wan dun wan to repeat.

Oh goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, depressed man.

Why the hell am I learning Engineering math???????


8 thoughts on “Part-time Uni

  1. FIRST

    ohmygawd, sin cos and tan. to me, thats the equivalent of the language of interstellar travellers from a parallel dimension. i remember it back from the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    1. yeah i know, that’s why i’m dying now. and after my friend reminded me, i suddenly realised they have cousins, sec, cosec, and cot, does it bring back any memory to you? LOL. sigh, feeling depressed for this math man, i rather learn 2 other different programming language. LOL.

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