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Have no idea how come I forgot to blog about this movie. In fact, this was watched like perhaps a month plus ago, but I completely forgotten about blogging about this. I only recalled about this movie when I was reading back on my most favoriteed blog post on Oi’s blog : the movie review on the famous 3D Sex and Zen (click).

Hell, I even remembered the month and year she blogged her review on the movie because when I’m so ever bored and in dire need of funny entertainment I’ll read back on this. There’s another nice blog post which she blogged about the trip she went to the dentist, but I can’t find it anymore, so I guess I’ll just stick to reading this movie review.

Anyway, previously I couldn’t understand the awkwardness when watching mature scenes– even scenes that is showing vaguely the movements of bed scenes with people that she know. Well yeah, I do feel weird sometimes when there are some intimate scenes that’s showing on the TV and my dad is just sitting next to me. As perverted as I am, in that situation, my eyes is most probably fixated on either 1 of the corners of the television. It just doesn’t feel right.

By the way, the reason why I’m bringing Oi’s blog post into this post is because I can finally understand the part about feeling the same awkwardness watching bed scenes with people you know (excluding parents, as I’ve mentioned that I felt the same awkwardness). I’ve watched this movie together with my colleagues. Truthfully, it was a-w-k-w-a-r-d-n-e-s-s man. I don’t really know how to explain the thing. I think, I could have enjoyed this movie better if I was watching this with the LEOs.

Erm, maybe not really with Lynnette (will feel like a perverted uncle bringing a little girl to watch some perverted movie), but I think I will feel better at ease if I’m there with Oi. Eh.. Then again, maybe not. Haha, I don’t know man, it’d been better if I’m watching this with those friends of mine who are more okay with this kind of thing, not all my friends, but the specific few.

I’d say that most of the things are quite subtle, but there are a few scenes, which clearly shows what the heck is really happening man. It’d be more enjoyable if you’re going to this movie with friends who have already their minds liberated by this kind of stuffs LOL.

The reason why  I couldn’t really, like, enjoy this movie thoroughly was because I actually watched this with my colleagues, as much as most of them are quite perverted, even more perverted than I am (because a few of them are guys and they are completely liberated from such man), but there’s a few in them who are still quite innocent. The important point is here : I was sitting right next to 2 such innocent person. I couldn’t help but kept feeling like I’m one of the culprits that’s polluting their brains, even though I didn’t psycho them to come, but it just felt… wrong.

This movie is funny, there’s a lot of comedic scenes throughout the movie, mostly things to do with perverted things, if you’re too stressed up somewhere in your life, this is the kind of movie you can watch. Something to loosen up yourself a little and don’t need to think too much about it (unlike movies like Inception). Lotsa vulgarities in it though, personally I’d feel better if the “Fish” words were used lesser.

I felt that some of the vulgarities are used wayyyyyyy too much more than necessary. According to my colleagues, they say maybe that’s how the US people really speak in their usual daily lives. Do they really use the “Fish” words like 10~20 times a day? My ears sting when people spout crude vulgarities. Not saying I don’t use vulgarities, I use them too, but not to crude hahas, just to a certain extent.

Anyways, for people who might be interested :




PS : I was watching the 3D Sex and Zen trailer. Do you guys think that somewhere in the 1/4 part, when a girl was pouring wine down all over her boobs and the guy who’s staring at the boobs / wine looked a bit like wu zhun?





4 thoughts on “Ted – Movie

  1. FIRST
    and i cant believe you are THAT emotionally invested in my blog post about that disgusting movie that you can actually remember when it was posted. i’d actually forgotten about the bulk of the movie until i clicked on your link and re-read my post. and then all my terrible memories came back. oh man.

    and you know, now that i think about it – i watched sin city and brokeback mountain on my own as well. i cant tell which is worse – watching a heavy sex scene with a room full of strangers, or watching a sex scene with a family member or somebody hideously innocent next to you.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA, i told you i like your that post very much ma, i even showed my colleagues your that post, cuz its really damn funny ROFL.

      and btw, the 3 situations is equally bad, i think i havent encounter watching a heavy sex scene with a room full of strangers before so i cant tell if its equally bad, but the other 2 is equally bad, no diff LOL.

        1. HAHAHAHA yeah oi oi, we should go try out and watch weird movies together, see if it is also awkward or not. if i watch with you and it still feel awkward right, then maybe it just means its awkward watching such movies with a 2nd party around LOL.

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