In case you people think this post is dedicated to TOP of Big Bang, I’m here to explain what the above stands for. Then again, I’m not even sure if Oi Oi read blog post or not (cuz she doesn’t for Lynnette’s blog).

Anyways, most of my friends are already aware of my decision as of below, but I haven’t been able to meet the LEOs for a long long long long time, coming close to 2 months (because their frigging birthday presents are still taking up spaces on my table!!!)

TOP – Transfer of Programmes

Right, I’m changing my course. I think you guys don’t even remember which course I’m in the first place (tsk, such unconcerning friends I have). Currently I’m taking the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, I think my wonderful friends all only know that I’m in an IT course.

I’m transferring to Bachelor of Multimedia Technology and Design. Yup, totally sounds like what I took in Polytechnic. So the question now is why?

My plan for the future, is a versatile programmer and a graphics designer — someone who can come up with own website designs and then putting them down into codes, I’m not sure if this will even get me anywhere, but I’m sure that’s something I wanna be able to do, I think no company would want to hire a person who both program and design, simply cuz there’s no job title compromising the 2. Which might mean I’m going to become a free lancer. But then again, this plan will still need a few years to accomplish, so let’s talk about my current plan.

I didn’t really understand how come I took BICT (current course I’m taking), I kinda assumed that the BSMT (the one I wanna transfer into) is another course that’s the exact same replica as my polytechnic course cuz both contained the word “Multimedia Technology”. Anyways, as I continued studying in BICT and repeatedly look at the modules under it, the weirder I felt, because it seems to be bringing me further and further away from what I really want to take (there are some courses that I’m interested in, but mostly is just ??). Which brings me to look at the other course more thoroughly, and then I realized, even though the other course contain weird things like Digital Photography Technology and Audio Technology which I don’t know what are they for. I rethink, and then I thought if I were to create websites in future, it might be knowledge that I’ll need to acquire.

And BAM!

It hit me suddenly when I realized BSMT should be the course that I should be taking. And thus. I’m going to apply to transfer course end of this month. There might be chances I won’t be able to get it, but I’m 200% sure that I don’t want to continue my studies in BICT. I’m going to keep trying until I finally get into BSMT.

You know what all the above mean?

That I wasted half a sem taking modules which I cannot bring over to the next course. And more importantly. My 1000 bucks is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Head bang into wall*

The only thing I can comfort myself with now is that, at least I realized this right after first sem ends, and not after I completed halfway through *wipe tear from eye*.

Sigh, I’m just hypnotizing myself.





Okay, a random but not completely unrelated to the title of this post picture.

*Swooooon over TOP’s perfect face*

And back to the head banging.



9 thoughts on “TOP

  1. FIRST
    and TOP’s face was beautiful. hahhahahahah

    wah, so xin ku sia. take liao for so long. but okay la, i’ve heard of friends who transfer as well. better to do it early.
    but yeah, that $1000 super xin tia sia.

    1. LOL! yeah i know right, perfect sparkless face man, or maybe cuz of make up + photoshop LOL.

      okay la, not that very long, is like 6 weeks of 2 lessons LOL. but its more like ive even submitted the assignment already, then in the end im dropping. well… at least i didnt go and like sit for exam liao and then drop, that one really make me wanna bang my head more LOL.
      yeahhhhhh xin tia for that $1000 bucks.

  2. then go and program one la! hahhahaha cool right, if you use a template you programmed.
    if you want, i can help out with the designing bit. but you must do one for me also. 😀

    1. LOL. okays la. i already got program a hotel website using wordpress liao xDDDD, but havent go live yet grrrr… and. bo time la. i dun wanna do it now hahas. maybe few yrs down the road, but not now hahaha

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