Wake up wake up

I don’t know why I keep worrying about people who doesn’t really concern me nor quite as much appreciative of me and then I kept on hurting the ones who are really worrying and caring for me.

There’s like this weird social side of me that keep coming out whenever I’m faced with people who are not close with me. And it’s because of this stupid social side of me that keep getting me into stupid situations where I just allow people to trample over me.

Is there like a course / therapy session that can heal me of this side of me, because it’s seriously making me damn depressed after everything has settled down.

If only I can be a little bit more indifference when I’m talking to people generally, this would definitely help make a lot of things better. Currently the stage / situation I’m in. It sucks.

Come on, my indifference, wake up dude.


9 thoughts on “Wake up wake up

      1. where got gross, its cute LOL. some more it come out w hen you scroll haha, nice.

        ooooooh good, but so late tsk. i wanna go sungei bulohhhhhhhhhhhh

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