Rise of the Guardians – Movie


I think DreamWorks is getting better, ever since last year the “How to Train A Dragon”. I wasn’t expecting this film to be good, I didn’t even know what is the show about and I hadn’t really seen the trailer. I did seen a trailer, but it was only introducing the characters, so I didn’t really thought much of it. And, the characters doesn’t look nice, so I kinda assumed that the show is not good haha.

Luckily, my friend asked me to watch this movie, else I’d have missed this for sure. This show is surprisingly good. There’s a strong festive (Christmas) theme. The animations were great, cute fairies, and nice effects. I used to think DreamWorks can’t really make it. As in their films are okay, but not that good. But well, I’m kinda looking at them differently now hahas.

Not sure if I should blog about the details here, because I do want you guys to watch it haha. Erm.. This show kinda reminded me of Miyazaki’s film “My Neighbour Totoro” cuz it’s playing with the theme that if you believe in something magical, then you’ll be able to see it. My friend told me it’s a logic that’s been around for ages, and… Yeah, true I can’t deny that either. LOL.

Small random jokes that kept making people laugh, I think people like shows like this, I like shows like this keke. I’m actually looking forward to the next animation film by DreamWorks already.

Oh yeah, only thing that I think can make this show better should be the voice actor. Kinda think that Jack Frost’s voice is a bit too deep. Jack Frost is the guy on the bottom right with the white hair. He’s quite young, but yet his voice is considered very mature. So shocked when I heard his voice from the start. So awkward. But he’s got a nice power. LOL. Okay, random.

Wreck-it-Ralph and The Croods, I’m looking forward to them~!!


3 thoughts on “Rise of the Guardians – Movie

  1. FIRST
    yeah, i loved this movie! i watched it after my media law exam, haha. i wanted to blog about it, but by the time i could get round to it, didnt feel like it anymore.

    i was very pleasantly surprised, because same thing, my expectations were really low. there just wasnt anything else interesting on.
    but yes, dreamworks is improving a lot. this is my favourite film from dreamworks now, after how to train a dragon.
    i absolutely ADORE every single one of the characters – the character design is fantastic.

    1. precisely, cuz it’s a DreamWorks product, so my expectations were low also LOL. i kinda thought since they had “How to Train A Dragon” only last year, they will need like 2 or 3 years probably to produce another nice movie. Haha, but I think they manage to hire some really talented writers for the story perhaps LOL.

      and yup. the characters are marvellous, i like jack frost before he’s dead. LOL. brown hair looks nicer hahas. aaaaaand the TOOTH FAIRY IS SO CUTEEEEEE LOL. yup, same as me dude, this is also my fav after how to train a dragon LOL.

  2. actually no, sorry, say wrong, i actually prefer this over how to train a dragon, so yeah, this is my favourite movie from dreamworks liao, hahaha.

    and yeah, my expectations were totally just sweeping the floor man hahaha

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