I’ve Survived!

Ho ho ho~ Merry Christmas people!!

We’ve survived through the end of the world!

And most importantly, I’ve survived through 4 days of my company’s batam trip!! From 19th December – 22nd December *wipe tear from eyes*.

It was tiring, could only managed to sleep at like 1am for the first 2 nights, and had to wake up at 7am the next morning, most of the time I woke up a bit earlier than that due to my room mates. I’m actually considered a very light sleeper, (unless you’re making noise like 2-5am, during which I’m in my deepest sleep). If there are any slight noises after 6am, I’ll wake up easily, which is the reason why only my alarm is only a slight vibration and not sounds.

Anyways, the activities are of good and bad, which I think I shouldn’t mention here in case anything happens, so I’ll just update you guys when I see you the next time 😉

My team won 3 days of leaves, bringing forward the 2 days of leaves from this year, I’ll have a total of 19 days leaves next year!! WOO HOOO *dance around*.


I’VE PASSED MY MATH WOO HOOOOOOOOO!! Can ye believe it, I passed it I passed it I passed it~~!! Wahahaha, I was so happy when I checked my results during which I was still in Batam, and I got a B- for that crazy math module. And I was exempted to the other math module, so meaning ———————— I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE MATH ANYMORE WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!

I’ve managed to change my course, and if the modules I have chosen all got through, I won’t have to take exam next semester, so I don’t need that much exam leaves.

Which leads to the next question : I’m thinking of going Australia next year man, the air tix is around 400 for round trip to Sydney for low peak, anyone interested? Haha. If not, maybe I’d just go other cheaper places LOL.


13 thoughts on “I’ve Survived!

  1. FIRST
    Congrats on passing your math man, hahaha
    and oh my god, you people can win leave days one ar? hahahhaha thats so weird.
    and can we please meet up before my school starts again, else we all get busy again then cannot meet liao. 😦

  2. LOL. really. at that point of time, all I really wanted is to get the thing over and be done with, and previously the rule is loser team will have to -1 day leave man. I’d actually rather not LOL.

    I don’t know leh, you all want when to meet up. I think I end Jan then will start school. faster fix a day, I wanna go Sungei Buloh lehz.

    I was checking July next year. the round trip around 400. Interested?

  3. eh? cannot on weekends meh? i wanna go sungei buloh!!!!!!!! LOL.

    eh…. but thats the best timing ba, you all grad liao i also having holidays.

    1. i dunno… cos i still have to pay for a grad trip as well, and i havent decided where to go for that one either.

      5th and 6th jan i’m booked to help out a friend’s shoot, so how about this weekend?

  4. This weekend I not free.
    And I just know that sihui graduated alr, because she’s not doing honors~~~
    we should find a time to go out together…emm how about 13 Jan (sat)? LOL.

    1. oh. tsk tsk little shit head. huh you all doing honors ah?

      the “we” is who? if si hui is inside, then you all go ahead ba, and sui bian find a excuse for the reason why im not there LOL, thanks (rofl)

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