A Brief Meetup with Oi Shan and her godsis

Was on my way to the MRT today from work, and halfway through, I saw this thin chopstick figure walking towards me, and then I realised it’s Oi Shan. Haha, I feel like it’s great seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time. Well, I felt like I haven’t see ye in a few years man LOL.

And beside her is her friend, sadly I was rushing to Bishan to meet my friend, so couldn’t hang out with them at the Starbucks. Haha, if they were going to hang out at Starbucks tomorrow instead, I think I’ll see them there.

Anyways, finally saw Oi Shan’s godsister. I realised after such a long time of hearing things from Oi Shan about her godsis, I didn’t actually saw her picture nor seen her in person before. I’ve seen Oi Shan’s friends before, and I normally stayed silent. Hoho, but surprising we got along well. According to her, “loners can really feel each other”. LOL. Funny but hi 5 to that haha.

Nice meeting ye! Oi Shan’s godsis!

PS : Oi Shan, for once, I actually think there’s nothing wrong with your choice of friends (except for us LOL).


5 thoughts on “A Brief Meetup with Oi Shan and her godsis

  1. FIRST.
    and did you blog about this cos you saw my post?? cos i blogged on the same thing too! dot!
    and waddya mean “for once, I actually think there’s nothing wrong with your choice of friends”?? you mean you usually think there’s something wrong with my friends??

    1. oh… i didnt know you blogged about this also LOL. i didnt check your blog yesterday haha.
      cuz ive seen your friends before ma, no particular feelings when i saw them, but your godsis felt different LOL. kinda feel like long lost friend, i wonder is it cuz you told me things about her O_o. but then you see, before she introduced herself, i already feel good towards her LOL.

  2. i have NOOOO idea why you guys like each other so much. can you guys please don’t. I’M your good friend here, okay! i feel like i’m in danger of like becoming outdated!

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