If one day…

I ask you all to watch horror movie with me in a movie theatre

Run away. 

That is either :

  1. my split personality
  2. I’m possessed
  3. My soul swapped with another person, not sure if he / she is harmless or not
  4. I’m abducted by aliens, and the one asking you out is probably an alien who is finding ways to abduct you also
  5. I’ve gone crazy

14 thoughts on “If one day…

  1. ….if you’re possessed and the worst thing the hantu in your body can do is ask us to watch a horror movie with you….that would be one hardcore dead movie aficionado mann.

    1. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA, true, then all the more you should watch with the hantu i think, good recommendation. even when dead still wanna watch that (rofl)

  2. oh yeah, what are we doing ar?
    btw lynnette can’t make it in the evening so it has to be an afternoon affair.

    1. btw I need to meet someone in ntu around 1pm to buy textbook. so only free from 2pm onwards..or depending on where u all wanna go. But I’m thinking of skipping work.. which I intend to tell my manager later when I go work. If I can skip work, you all want to eat dim sum at the jalan besar there?

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