Random Update

I realised recently I’m only updating my blog with movie reviews, which is.. actually quite funny. Cuz of the 3 of us, Oi Oi is the movie reviewer (always posting reviews of movies that no one has heard of, or random Oscar award winners). I think previously I had something to blog about, but I didn’t write it down and I don’t remember what did I wanna blog about already haha.

Anyways, just a quick update on my life, I’ve started my school just last week, and I’m currently having sketching classes. A lot of people is shocked when I tell them I’m doing drawing. But why? Okay, in our lives, we came across a lot of people who randomly draw things, such as anime characters and etc, and I never did that, and I wasn’t a good art student when I was younger in my secondary school. But I don’t dislike art. I want to be a website developer when I can do graphics designing and programming at the same time, but of course I prefer to do programming, but my goal is to be able do website design myself. HAha, once I’m able to do my graphics design, I think I’d try to start off a website on my own first man, but I think this won’t happen in the near future yet.

Besides, I myself know a few friends who can be a graphics artist without knowing how to draw. I was also stunned. LOL. I don’t know how that’s possible haha.

Ay, add oil for myself, I still got 3 more years to go.


7 thoughts on “Random Update

    1. bwahahahaha, we’re both doing things that are out of our leagues hahaha!
      and yeah youre right, i rather have drawing classes too LOL. what singing classes are you taking? singing phantom of the opera?

  1. omg. So I’m the only normal one taking classes that watch movie? And both my electives involve me watch sci-fi movies lol.

    1. ehhhhhhhhhhhh. for me is my elective dun have that kind ba LOL. and…. i dun think i interested also LOL!!!! drawing is my core haha, not elective.

    2. *sigh* i also wanna take with you man, but no space. cos originally wanted creative writing fiction, but only realized after taking the class in the second week how much it sucks. haizzz

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