Learning from others’ behaviours

I just noticed how irritating it is if you keep making another hearing all your negative thoughts and your whines. I’m actually a very whiny person. I usually get rid of the junks in my head by whining to other people, kinda feels like it does unload some of the weight in my brain. Recently, I just noticed it’s actually pretty irritating to have to keep hearing another’s negative thoughts / whines, maybe because recently I have quite a number of such experiences.

It is actually very normal to have one complain to friends about the sort of problems we are currently facing, for eg, work / study problems. It might be interesting for the other one to hear about the problems one encounters or faces, but when the same thing goes on for too long, the listener is bound to get bored. So it might actually be better to talk about another interesting thing. And when I say another interesting thing, I meant another entirely different topic, bitching from one colleague to another colleague is not changing of topics.

I think what most people forgot nowadays is that everybody have their own worries. It’s unfair that you want another person to keep listening to you and when your friend was telling you about his / her problems, you wasn’t listening and instead, concentrated on something else, I think it is a issue of mutual respect. I listen to you, and you listen to me. Simple give and take issue.

The worst thing to do is, when your friend is telling him/her problems halfway, you interjected and continued on with your own troubles. There won’t be any good outcome. Most likely neither will be listening to each other and the possible situation will be that day ending up with a foul mood.

I’ve recently gotten involved with someone who is extremely pessimistic. You guys knowing me, when I say that another person is extremely pessimistic, it means the person is really very negative to the extreme, because, I’m already a very pessimistic person, and saying another person is pessimistic is actually quite a funny thing. There are quite a number of people who now thinks that I’m not pessimistic, I have no idea why, maybe because I hide those sides pretty well now. My colleagues said that I’m more of realistic than pessimistic.  Not sure, anyways. I know that everybody have different personalities, and some of them have really weird characteristics, I don’t deny that I too have weird sides to me. But I suppose if a number of people tell you that there is some aspect of you that is seriously wrong, then maybe it’s time for you to start listening and try to change it. It couldn’t be that everybody just decided that you’re messed up and they decided to give you a hard time.

Anyways, just recently if you all think I suddenly become so poetic. The poetries on my facebook wall was meant for a certain someone to read it. But it didn’t turned out well. Well.. It’s definitely not an easy job to try to change one person’s personality, what I was trying was to actually get that someone to start reflecting on his / her actions. I need to say that this sentence “可怜之人必有可怜之处” is very true, hail to the person who came up with this line. I don’t even know why did I bothered, I think I was just a bit pissed off that I am so busy everyday, squeezed dry and yet I have to see a person who is so damn free bullshitting around.

It’s not the whole world that’s against you, but it might that you are the one who’s against the whole world.


3 thoughts on “Learning from others’ behaviours

  1. I didn’t even notice your facebook got stuff. Maybe got swamped by all my other irrelevant things, haha. And yeah, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m generally like, oh you’re suffering ah? Whatever. Like I care. What shall we order?
    Maybe you should just ask directly whoever it is to shut up.

    1. nah nvm, not important also haha. cannot la, will hurt their feelings ma, just the same like if i saying my things halfway then my friend ask me to shuddap. tsk. will make people pissed off one lo. so bo bians haha.

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