Life without ups and downs

Life went on as usual.

Wake up.

Go to work.

Occasionally go to school.

Work on assignments over the weekends.

Nothing much to blog about. My life is more boring than the fat cats that’s sleeping around my house nearby.

Just leading a boring and busy life.


4 thoughts on “Life without ups and downs

  1. FIRST. and i dont care. when my life is boring, you also ask me to blog.
    i dont care if you have to make up shit like aliens invading your house. blog something entertaining (sound familiar?).

    1. tsk. people is a working adult leh, monday-friday, 9-6 kind. my life is pretty much routine liao, on the contrary, you’re not stuck in a desk-bound job like me, so your life should technically have more ups and downs than meeeeeeeeee.

      so… nope, i dun care, you should still blog no matter what.

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