Horror Stories Fetish

Ye know, if there’s a bunch of people who’s talking about the horror movies they’ve watched before, I will gladly join in the conversation and most probably I’d be able to participate in the conversation without discomfort also. Even if I don’t watch horror movies.

Okay, I do watch horror movies, the only thing is that I only watch those that’s broadcasted through local’s media source. Reason being, a lot of content are not allowed through our local TV, even if it’s just dialect, they will either be translated into English / Chinese, or they will broadcast a few lines of it and cut off the rest of it. Thus, with a strict content filtering like this, usually the horror movies that are broadcasted in local channels are very safe for me to watch. Anything that’s too horrifying / gory, will be cut off.

Next question people will ask, “if everything horrifying / gory is cut off, then what’s the point of watching it?” Thing is, when I read / watch / listen to horror stories, I’m actually insterested to know what happen, as in the general storyline, explicit details can be omitted. Nonetheless, I’ve watched a lot of horror movies when I was younger. Yup, still not in cinema theatre  but not specifically only those that are broadcasted through local media.

And all that lead to me having a very tiring childhood, especially when I’m alone at home, or in places alone or when I’m in the dark.

I was crazily paranoid.

When it’s time to sleep, I would lay on the bed, and pull the blanket allllllllll the way up to cover myself, as in until my whole feet and head is buried under the blanket. I know what’s gonna be your question, “for what? Isn’t it hot?”. My answer to that is “HELL YEA”, it’s frigging hot, I’m raining sweats. There’s once my mum came in and ask “Why cover so much, so cold meh?” I replied “yeaaaaa” while sweating. Luckily she did’t notice.

Or when I have to bath, I’d open my eyes, even when I’m washing my hair. If there’s no choice that the chemical really got into my eyes, I’d close my eyes for 1 second, and stood under the water to let it wash the chemicals away, and use my hand to wipe it away and force my eyes open. Yea.. Even now when I think about, it sure sounds tiring. Above is the main 2 reasons why I don’t really watch horror movies again. See, can relate right?

Now as I’m talking about this, I was reminded of a talk I had with the rest of the LEOs quite some time ago. We were discussing the crazy things I ever did to Oi when we were stuck in China together for 1 or 2 weeks for a school overseas trip. I’m not comfortable with staying in hotels. The after-effects of watching horror movies when I was younger, and also reading of horror stories / synopsises, a lot of scary things happen in the hotels. Well, I’ve never met any weird things before up to date, and hopefully not for the rest of my life. But anyways, in this China trip, I was still being the paranoid me, and I don’t want to be the first person to use the bathroom, and I refuse to bath too long inside.

Oi on the other hand, have no qualms at all with hotel rooms. In fact I think she like hotels, for the fact that she can use bathtubs and rot inside the tub for as long as she wants. 1 is scared of being alone in the hotel room for even a few minutes, and the other 1 like to soak in the bathtub for as long as 1 hour. So what happens when these 2 people is stuck to stay together in a room for some days?

Yup, I have no memory of this happening but Oi insisted that I did this: I asked her to stay outside the toilet while I’m bathing, and throughout that, she have to keep talking to me so that I will know she’s still outside. And she can walk no further than 30cm from the toilet. Then again, it does sounds like something I will do, so I believe that’s what I did. And, I forced her to bath herself faster so she can come out and accompany, not sure if I have stood outside her bathroom to talk to her or not. And for hotel bathrooms, I’d rather the shampoo burn my eyes than to even close my eyes for 1 second to wash it off. Now that I think about it, did we off the lights when we were sleeping at night?

As we discussed about the weird things we will do when we’re scared. L on the other hand, refused to draw the curtains when she’s in the hotel bathroom. Eh.. Actually, funny thing is, even though I relate to her, but I do draw the curtains when I’m bathing. She’s more worried about what she’ll see when she pull open the curtain when she’s done, and I’m more worried about what I’ll see in the mirror reflection if I didn’t draw the curtains.

Oi’s version can be found here. Wow, it happened in 2011.


4 thoughts on “Horror Stories Fetish

  1. FIRST!!

    This is funny. I never felt scare in hotels just that sometimes the walls of the hotel is so thin u can hear whats going on somewheree especially people talking and it really sounds like the sound of ghost mourning. LOL

    1. I so far havent stayed in hotels where the walls is very thin de eh. I think so far only the hotels in laos nia. but also not much people stay in those hotels lol. so I not affected haha.

      I think when I in laos. I didnt thought of all these though LOL. maybe too tired liao everyday LOL.

  2. Oh wow, 2011…time flies mann. I feel old.
    The shampoo thing is seriously classic man.

    On my Thailand trip, two out of the three idiots I was with were also damn easy to scare. All I had to say was “I saw something….” in a mysterious way and she’d start to panic. Quite funny.
    And then, late one night when we had nothing to do, we were going to watch this psycho-killer movie (cos apparently psycho-killer is okay, ghost is not okay), and then turns out there was a scene with a ghost, and it scared the shit out of my friends.
    Then we ended up watching a rom-com instead. Best.

    1. yea.. it felt like that funny talk only happened months ago. didnt realised its it 2011 man LOL. haha, the curtain thing is also one classic okays LOL.

      yup i understand, psycho killer is okay. ghost is not.

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