Phew, papers over

It’s been such a long time since I took papers. Well, true and not true to that, I did have a math paper like 6 months ago. I remembered practicing questions everyday, from 10am -6pm, and then 8pm – 11pm for 3 days. Usually I’m not that hardworking type, hell, of all the words that can exist to describe me, hardworking is not one of them. I’m not a hardworking person, and the reason why I hate math that much is also because math is a subject that require you to keep practicing and practicing. I don’t like to practice on things, I prefer to understand things, rather than forcing myself to memorize things or doing it over and over again for 10 thousand times. Precisely why I flunked my A math in secondary school as deep as the depth of the Pacific Ocean (have no idea how deep is that).

N-e-way, I had a hard time going through that math module, remembered sitting through the lecture for 2 hours 30 minutes, feeling more confused than ever for every lecture. That’s when I took to practicing, because there wasn’t any choice for me, and I don’t want to repeat that module again. It was torturous enough for me, imagine going through all those torturous moments again. I did managed to pass it, I dropped 1 paper at that time though; System Architecture. I was planning to change my course at that time, and that 1 module was something I cannot bring over to my current course (which is a good thing, I don’t really understand the )*&@) that was going on at the later part also). So I ended up with that math paper and a java paper (as long as it’s a programming exam, I think I should be quite okay with it, unless it’s some data struct thing).

I had a software engineering paper, and a human computer interface paper yesterday. For some reason, I thought that I will be able to handle it, and only took 2 days leaves to study for these 2 papers. On top of that, I hadn’t went to 1 lecture at all. Well.. Technically speaking, I went for 1 and a half lecture for software engineering. None for human computer interface. And then I didn’t even study at all during the exam break, which I used it to slack to my fullest, and when I finally sat down to study on this Tuesday for my software engineering, the horrible truth dawned on me: that I am seriously under-prepared for the thing.

Those thick-until-can-crush-your-skull-textbooks that are given to me for the modules, I always thought it’s kinda like a guideline thing, or for random decoration in the room. I didn’t know I really had to go through that. I used to have a couple of those kind of books back when I was in poly. It was.. used.. as.. a.. guideline / decoration thing, there’s 1 that I never even flipped through before (some system architecture thing, even now have no idea what is it supposed to use for). Within that 2 days, I’ve flipped through more than half for each of the thick books. Not sure if turning up for lecture will have change what I’ve went through or not. There was so much )(@*#)@ to remember, and so )(*)$@#@ time for me because I was hugging the buddha’s leg at the last minute. And even though the modules are quire similar to each other, it’s also very different, both focusing on different aspects. Once I’ve studied software engineering, I forgot things for human-computer interface and when I studied human-computer interface, I forgot about software engineering.

There’s only a one hour break in between the papers.

I has to switch my mind from software engineering to human computer interface within that 1 hour. A lot of things that I crammed into that puny brain of mine didn’t come out, and things I’ve only flicked a few looks at came out. There was even 1 question in software engineering that’s tackling things concerning project management, I did not even read through that part.

Asking me how does this factors affect project progress thing: financial status, stability, modularity, maturity and 1 I don’t even remember what. What in the hell is modularity??? Owing to the crapping skill I got some my literature class back in the stone age period, I really crapped a lot. Whatever the crap I can think of, I crammed it in the answer book, using as many software engineering terms I can think of into the answer, hopefully the markers can take pity on me and give me 1-2 marks.



8 thoughts on “Phew, papers over

  1. first!

    and ohmygawd, you damn farnie can? textbooks as decoration? hahhahahahhahaha
    best man, in that case buy for what?

    and ya, from the sound of it, can see why you’re under-prepared man, hhahahahha. damn farnie,
    but you have my sympathies. i can totally feel your pain. i’ve definitely done similar things before.

    i think one time in jc i hugged the buddha’s foot for my econs paper the night before and only slept 1-2 hours and then drank some shitty-tasting tea in the morning to try and stay awake. and then during the paper, i just kept dozing off. i could barely keep my eyes open. hahahhahaa
    plus my grade, as expected, was horrendous.

    1. dunno eh. textbooks bu jiu shi. onli when youre stuck in some question that you cant solve. or when doing assignments, then will flip to it to find answer de meh, but will you take it like a fiction novel and read? i nvr did la. first time for me. LOL.

      okay mine is not that bad, i cant function well if i dun have enough sleep, and it will cause headaches for me, i crack under headaches. anyways. super desperate man. 2nd time i feel like this like as if the buddha leg kept trying to kick me away while im grasping on to it so hard, first time is when i had to literally memorize codes word by word for my test and not understand a thing of it. i gotta remember this experience and start studying earlier next time man. really was hell.

  2. hmmmmmmm thinking about it, there are quite a few textbooks i’ve bought for uni that i never actually read. but is just buy the illegal photocopied version la, for most of them, so not so bad. usually if its compulsory reading, then i’ll read, if i know the exam will come out.

    before i went to thailand, i threw out all my papers accumulated over the last 6 years of my education, and it was a seriously impressive stack man. i think stack in one pile can reach at least mid-thigh? i’m tall.
    and i dont remember 1/10th of everything i’ve studied. makes you wonder mann.

    1. why are you anonymous *poke poke*, hey anonymous. LOL.

      eh… one good thing about studying in unisim is. the school fees is super low and the textbooks come for free. so i dun need to buy anything actually hahas. maybe down side is very few lectures only? there’s only 6 lectures and then it’s exam already (reason for the low sch fees).

      and dude. maybe cuz you dun clean up your damn room. LOL.

      1. oh i was wondering who anonymous was too, and then i open the page and it’s me. hahahhahaha

        and i’ve recently just cleared my bookshelf. i feel so touched man, to see all my books lined up neatly. *wipes tear*

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