Pay Attention

to the small things a person say / do. 

It is usually the one or two sentences that a person say, or a random small action that a person does, that you will be able to see what that person really is or think.

No matter how much a person packages himself / herself, there will be situations where there are small cracks that reveal the true part of him / her. 

That’s when you will know whether that person is worthy to be a friend or not.


6 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. not me bah? O_O mine is usually big things I say/do. LOL!!! joking~

    Yea, actually along the way u will be processing what a person did and will have different perceptions and that leads to some sort of judgement that leads to some sort of decisions. However, sometimes what we think of others, may not be the same as what they really are.

    I think it’s quite normal, at some point some people just come into our life and at some point they go out. or at some point you decided to kick somebody out of our life.

  2. not you la. talk about you i straight away skype you instead. see i so good to you. LOL.
    actually not saying anyone in particular la. it’s just the way how i make my observations of people, usually it’s quite correct. at least if use this method on me is true HAHA.

    but yeah that’s true i suppose. just that sometimes what we think and how people think is very different. but as this sort of things keep happening for a few times with the same person, then you might have to consider whether or not this person is worthy as a friend.

    yeah. thats why i want to be very careful with who i wan as my friends.

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