Movies – Now You See Me, EPIC, Oblivion, After Earth

I realized I didn’t update for quite a number of movies, but anyways needa keep a record for all these for future reference (?), so I’m just gonna skim through the movies I’ve watched.

Of all the movies I’m going to review, this is the only one I think it’s worth watching a second time. I think it’s been quite a long time since I’ve watched something this good? It kinda reminded me of “Catch Me If You Can” though. I think the only resemblance between the 2 is that there’s a investigator / police that keeps going after the criminals and keep failing to successfully catch their targets.

There’s a trend going on whereby movies are almost all close to 2 hours or overshooting it to a 2 and a half hours or 3 hours even. I don’t really remember the exact duration of this one, maybe about 2 hours? Too lazy to look it up. N-e-ways, think I’ve either read it somewhere or heard somewhere before that someone says that when the viewer(s) doesn’t look at the time to see how long the movie has gone on while watching one meant that the movie is a success. Because it didn’t bore the audiences so much so they want to see how long it is left before the movie is ending.

“Now You See Me” was that for me. I didn’t look at the time at all on my watch. There was a big twist in the end, and honestly I didn’t see it coming, all the while I was expecting the other person to be the accomplice. Thus it’s quite a big “Whoa” for me for the last 10 minutes. Until now, I’m still kinda curious how the Mentalist works his way into reading people’s minds though. I’m not a great fan of magic, well, in the first place, I’m not a great fan of watching TV (movies an exception), so I’m not even sure if this is a real category among Magicians or not hahas.

Recommending to watch this movie if you haven’t.

As for the other 3 movies I’m talking about next is… just average. I remembered asking Oi a long time ago, “How do you tell if a movie is good or not, because all the movies I’ve watched is good!” I have no idea what did Oi answered me already, I think maybe she said the movies I’ve watched at that time are all kinda a block buster? Even if it’s bad, it couldn’t be thatttttt bad. I think I get it now, since I’ve been watching more movies in these recent years, it’s easier for me to see if a movie is nice or not (to my preference, not in the professional movie-goer kind of way).

(Contains spoilers below for Epic)

EPIC-wallpaper 2013

I was just thinking to myself, “Wow, it’s like the animation movies are all so good nowadays” for the first 20 minutes of this movie. And then it all went straight down like Lehman’s Brothers’ stocks value a few years back, plunging down all the way into the pit. Okay, maybe not that bad.

Coming from the developers of “Ice Age”, I thought this animation is gonna be good. It was good. They had such a good story line, having nature fighting against decay and rot, and everything happening in the forest, so microscopic that nobody can see it, until either party win and you will see whether nature or decay triumphs. They spent so much time building up the characteristics of the Queen (Beyonce as the voice actor), and the battle was amazing, the Queen can rejuvenate any green / living thing just by touching it, and the animation was amazing.

Then, she died.

By the way, the movie was all good up to the point she died. I was kinda surprised, and not really surprised at the same time. Because she wasn’t the protagonist in the first place, but all along she seemed like the “Gandalf” character in Lord of the Rings, the “Dumbledore” in the Harry Potter series, and very much like the “Wise Caterpillar” in Alice in Wonderland which I can’t remember the the heck is his name. But nope, I know “Dumbledore” died ultimately but but but, how can the Queen just died after all the character buildup???

Funny thing, there isn’t as much buildup for even the protagonists.

There’s bound to be romance between protagonists when both is of opposite gender (unless we’re talking about Brokeback Mountain). However, there’s not reason why these 2 actually fell for each other in the end, I don’t see any romantic thing happening between these 2 that make them fell for each other and yet they just end up liking each other, I was filled with ??? in my head all the while.

Main thing – had not idea what the protagonists contributed to the final victory at all.

This movie is.. just quite bad. Halfway through I was just trying to squint at my watch to see what time is it, cuz I can’t wait to just leave the theater. The best thing is, my friend already fell asleep once the movie turns boring. Amazing.


I’m almost forgetting what I like / don’t like about this movie already. It’s been so longgggggg back. Of the 4 movies I’m reviewing in this post. I’ve watched this one first.

Just checked the score on IMDB, I have no idea how come this movie actually got a 0.2 score higher than “The Bourne Legacy”. I’d have watched “The Bourne Legacy” for a few more times. Then again, because Jeremy Lee Renner starred in that show, so naturally I’m biased for that ahaha.

There’s a few twists in this movie as well, not something that’s really unexpected. Like I’ve said, it’s been so long since I watched this that I don’t really remember if I’ve already expected the twists when I was watching it or I’m only saying it’s expected because at this stage, I already know what to expect.

It’s kinda interesting because everything the audience were led to believe in the beginning turns out to be the real crook. Yet halfway through it feels suspicious when the main antagonist kept asking Tom Cruise’s female partner if they are the best couple partner (doesn’t really remember the exact sentence now but it’s somewhere along the line).

Actually.. This movie is quite worthy to watch, it’s not bad. I think Tom Cruise’s Sci-fi movies are generally okay. It’s not that good, but it’s not that bad either. Well, I wouldn’t wanna watch it the second time though.


Okay, I definitely remember this movie much better than Oblivion, I’ve just watched this a couple days back. I’ve heard a number of people telling me the movie is not good, and most of the reviews also mentioned that the movie isn’t good. I still wanted to watch it though, to see how bad it is. And well, because it’s Will Smith, so I just wanted to give it a try.

Aaaaand, yup, this movie is boring. I’d rather watch 2 more times of Oblivion than watch this movie for the 2nd time. This show is super dragggggggy, I couldn’t wait for the show to end when we were only 10 minutes into the show.

There were too much “past things” that keep flashing, the emotion turmoil both father and son went through because they lost someone dear to both of them. I seriously think it’s because they have not much content for this movie and thus they kept flashing things that happened in the past.

The son’s acting is kinda bad, it just feels very unnatural, it might be because there was so much emotional thingies that’s happening around thus it’s kinda hard to convey. Even for Will Smith, he was acting as an unfeeling, emotionless figure, so much so that it feels so deliberate and frigging unnatural.

Even though there’s a lot of high technology, the popup 3D blue print graphics that’s showcased, it still feel kinda low budget, like when I’ve watched “Frozen”, where everything happened on the ski-chair that brings you up to the top of the mountain just so you can ski down. As in, the setting is very constrained to that environment.

Oh yeah, and this movie depended a lot of cheap thrills. Cheap thrills is actually the 1 reason I hated watching horror movies. When all the sounds still, and you start watching movie in a first-person view and you know that something is gonna happen soon but you don’t know when and then suddenly an outburst of sound and appearance of something which makes you jump. And thus, it turns me off a lot.

This movie really kinda suck, so if you haven’t watch it, good for you.


6 thoughts on “Movies – Now You See Me, EPIC, Oblivion, After Earth

  1. FIRST.
    and the wisdom of oi shan is that she didn’t even bother considering watching the 3 movies you found boring. i did consider now you see me, but decided to give it a pass.

    there was a point of time in my life when i would watch just about anything, but nowadays, i’m a lot more picky about the ones i see in theatre, cos bo time liao. and also cos everything else you can just watch online.
    (although man of steel is an exception because i was just so sinisterly curious about how bad it could get.)

    but its been a pretty low summer season. everything is so boring and terrible. hollywood is telling increasingly homogenized and conventional stories and i just cant stand it.

    1. deh… now you see me is nice la. you should go and watch. and usually i dun miss animation movies. unless i really really can’t find people to watch. and i prefer watching in theatre haha, cuz i get very bored when i watch movies on my computer screen.

      i think oblivion and after earth is just nice my colleagues wanna watch ba. i was interested in after earth, but was about to give up when i thought nobody was interested hahas.

      1. pixar movies i unfailingly always watch in theatre. dreamworks nowadays yeah. but the rest i usually don’t, unless it’s particularly good or there’s nothing else good on. but yeah, animation movies i’m more tolerant of too. animation is generally always fun to watch at least.

        1. haha. pixar recently standard a bit drop liao sad to say. brave is okay nia. and yup dreamworks ftw now LOL.

          cuz i like ice age hahas. so i went for epic thinking it should be nice. usually animation doesnt suck a lot de la. unless its that japanese anime.

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