World War Z


Just suffered enjoyed the 115 minutes of this show, it’s a wonderful show that depicts the outcome of what is going to happen to human beings if we continued ill-treating mother Earth. All human beings will go through the process of being degraded into soul-less beings that tear and gnaw at one another until the whole planet is filled with things that are more primal, emotionless, gory, disgusting, mad dogs, cannibals zombies.

Yup, felt like I went for 3 roller coaster rides with only about 5 min interval in between. But this feeling is kind of how I felt when I’ve finished watching the show.

To explain how I felt while watching this show, I can actually summarize the whole process into 1 word: constipation.

It’s like, you feel the tension, you know and feel like something’s coming, and then you waited and persevered, andddddddddd—-false alarm. After a few times of keeping it up and letting it go (which is how it exactly works for constipation), it finally come out. Which it makes you relief for a while, and then you know it’s coming again. I’m only glad this movie doesn’t go beyond 2 hours, because by then most probably I’ll really suffer from constipation literally.

Don’t get me wrong though, the movie is actually not bad. It’s quite straight forward where the tension starts right from the beginning. While the introduction of the publishers were rolling, the background music was already messing with heart. Right after about 5 minutes into the show, they’re already down to the main thing introducing the epidemic over a news piece. 10 minutes into the show, we can already start seeing people running for their lives (which also includes the protagonist and his family)

Timing wise, the movie is actually pretty efficient. I’ve seen you-know-what-that-starts-with-letter-p that actually takes more than 10 minutes then go down into “business”.  The pace was tight all the way, it almost felt like I’m playing L4D where there are so many confrontation with zombies. At first I was thinking what’s the point of having the wife and the kids around since they’re not really an important part of the plot. And then I realised halfway through, THEY’RE REALLY IMPORTANT. Because in the midst of all the bloods, biting, screaming, screeching, ghostly moans, humans cramping here and there, weird body movements, seeing the family safe in one random place is actually a big relief. BIG relief. It got my heart beat back to a normal pace.

I’m just not sure if it is that necessary to have so many confrontations with zombies. It’s not my first movie, but I haven’t really watch 1 this up close.. and big.. and loud before in the theater. Thus, I can’t really make an objective opinion, but I did remember other zombie movies only had like 1 confrontation almost every 20-30 minutes. This movie.. Well, it feels like 1 confrontation almost 10 minutes. Almost made me get into a cramp myself.

I was spending about 50% of the time covering one of my ear to lower the cheap thrill impact, and 30% of the time looking at the “EXIT” sign that’s shining at the bottom right corner of the theater. About 80% of the time when I thought something is gonna happen, it didn’t. And 100% of the time when I’m expecting something, I still got a fright when something did happened.

Usually when I watch movies like this, I’d think to myself, “How long will I survive in something like this?”. If I’m actually involved in a situation like this movie, I’d most probably already am one of the zombies running around in the first 10 minutes of the movie.


7 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. FIRST.

    sounds a lot like I Am Legend.
    i’m actually mildly attracted to this film cos of Brad Pitt. I like him a lot, even though he’s getting pretty old.

  2. technically youre not the first, just first to comment. LOL.

    hmmmmm.. i am legend, from the start is already left onli him right. for this show, shows the outbreak and how they got to safety lo. quite different la. just that both is zombies apocalypse. you like brad pitttttt?

  3. yeah, first to comment ar, isn’t that the point? haha

    and yeah i like brad pitt. whats there not to like? he’s hot, charimatic, married to the one of the coolest women on the planet, etc.

  4. good point. LOL.

    …. erm. you like him before he married angelina jolie? hotttt mehhhhhh, i dunno. maybe just like why i don’t find johnny depp hot. we have different tastes.

  5. yeah, i liked him even before that. but i think nowadays i’m generally more attracted to pretty boys than anything. i think my tastes ranges a pretty broad spectrum, although i consistently always do like guys with nice cheekbones.

    1. orhhh. chey i thought is cuz you liked angelina jolie, then they got married and then you sprinkle some love over for brad pitt LOL. okay….. have no idea what is my taste LOL.

  6. i remember you tend to like guys with a strong jawline and a sqaurish face i think, dont quite remember. you see what celebs you like lor.
    like jeremy renner (whom i totally feel nothing for), has a strong jaw.

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