The Croods + Monster University


I noticed something. To my horror, I haven’t update all the movies I’ve watched this year, so might have a few movie reviews for upcoming posts. Argh.

Another of DreamWorks’ production, this show is also pretty good, quite funny throughout. And mot importantly, there’s a cute mascot thing around: the saber tooth thingy at the top left corner. I realized a movie is actually more like-able when there are cute little things that keep appearing occasionally in the movie. Like How to Train A Dragon, like Despicable Me, and whatever else you can think of.

Well… Since it’s been 3 months at least since I’ve watched this, can’t remember exactly how I felt then.

The main point is, this show is nice, just go and watch it. LOL.



K, just watched this a few days back, thus have a better memory of it than The Croods.

Hmm, as usual, Pixar is slowly getting taken over my DreamWorks. This movie is not bad, it gives those who’ve watched Monsters Inc. a better idea of the relationship between the Sully and Mike. We came to know how they actually knew each other and what they had went through together before.

Actually, for the whole movie, the part I like the most is actually at the last part when the credits is rolling, which shows how they worked their way up from the bottomest ranking. Erm, technically, that’s not even part of the movie..

The storyline is pretty standard, very much like a typical kind of college movies; 2 characters that didn’t get along well, and then stuck in a lousy team, went through certain tests together where they then realized that teamwork is the most important thing in a team. Very. very. typical. So much so I find it quite surprising that Pixar made this movie. The same studio that made Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Up and other great titles. Have no idea since when Pixar started going for “normal animations”.

Anyways, if you’ve already watched Monster Inc, might as well just watch this movie as this is the prequel to it.

I’m just happy there’s a slight twist at the ending.



15 thoughts on “The Croods + Monster University

    1. dude, you should watch the croods. i remember i like it very much until i go and download the wallpaper for my handphone LOL. it’s quite funny la. and the saber tooth thing is soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    2. oh and you know what. at the last part there when mike just won , me and my friend was totally stunned. we really thought that’s the ending. at that point i really thought that’s the end of pixar man. LOL.

        1. HAHAHAHAHA. i onli remembered both my friend and i, we stunned for like 5-10 seconds and then we looked at each other, my friend shrugged and said “well.. it’s a kids movie”. both of us thought this is it. LOL. i can even remember the disappointment man. such anti-climatic ending i thought. hahas.

  1. oh ya and one other thing i forgot to say. i never actually liked the minions in despicable me. as in, i get why people would think they’re cute, but i dont find them all THAT attractive.

    when i first saw them, i just thought that they felt a bit like a rip-off from the martians in toy story. i find the martians cuter – “you have saved our lives. we are eternally grateful” is hilarious.

    and i feel like using cutesy shit to attract a crowd is kind of a cheap shot. (although yeah, i know they’re for kids) after all, as a child, my all-time favourite lion king didn’t need to go for that angle to be super awesome. mufasa wasn’t cute. he was epic cool.


    1. :O i like despicable me tho. not as in cute, but funny. LOL. i like the minions, dun like the martians. not attractive LOL.

      eh….. actually is very common ba. having cutesy things around to attract crowds. actually the first movie is nice though. you dun see them trying to use the minions to attract crowd, the advertisement is just okay. enough for people to know the movie’s coming out. but for the sequel. just too much advertisement, and i think it’s already giving out a lot of storyline alr. they onil started using the minions in this movie. i think when the first one was out, it wasnt THIS popular leh. i dunno what happened in between. LOL

      AND SIMBA IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. im just glad we grew up watching disney classics. it’s just so different compared to the animations nowadays that concentrate on a lot of graphics and effects.

      1. yeah, those were the days when spirited away was hot stuff. all the old school princesses like pocahontas and the little mermaid were so cool.

        i didn’t actually even like tangled that much. but i could just be growing old.

        i really feel like we’re growing old man. its the old man thing to say: this-and-that was so much better in my day, kinda thing.

        1. HAHAHAHA, yeah i do feel kinda old. “those were the days we …, and then we ….. blah blah”.

          oh. i actually like tangled. i think thats nice. maybe just that it’s in 3D so you didnt like it. but it feels very disney-ish.

          even for songs nowadays, im missing songs from the millenium era and before, backstreet boys etc. LOL.

          1. i dont think its the 3D that bothered me. i just didnt like the story as much. not sure why either.

            music wise okay la, cos even in the 00s, i was listening to music from the 90s. i was always one step behind fashionable music, like most of my tastes.

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