Despicable Me 2 – Movie



I think this movie is quite overrated. In fact, it’s quite a disappointment for me. I actually liked the first one, it’s like dark humor, and seeing the protagonist that was aspiring to be a baddie turned over a new leaf (?). Erm, then again, I don’t really understand why I liked the first one. But I think mainly is cuz the first movie still had a decent story line.

For the sequel, it’s like they realized that the minions are well liked by the general audience. And then they decided, “Hey! Since everyone liked the minions so much, we should make a lot a lot of money by making full use of the minions and make them appear more often so people will be drawn to it!” I find the appearance of the minions to be quite an overkill. All the jokes and humor are mainly made around the minions, and they’re appearing e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Even the trailers had too much of the minions.

I’m not saying the movie is not nice actually. It’s quite funny, and hm.. relaxing? to watch. I was laughing throughout, got a little bored in the middle, but yeah it’s still quite okay-ish. If you’re comparing this to Madagascar 3, it’s so much better. At least there’s still a little bit of standard. Madagascar 3 is like… Yeah… I don’t really know what is it like but I think Madagascar 3 is quite bad.

For this movie, I can’t really rate it. I personally don’t feel like this is an official movie. For most animations, like “Kung Fu Panda”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, there are short animation films that are specially made for airing on TV during holiday seasons. Well, to me, this whole movie is like an additional bonus film specially made for airing on TV for those time.

I think it’s still quite worth to watch though. To have a nice good laugh.


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