Rooftop by Jay Zhou – Movie


Went to watch this show with LEOs (Forced by the L).

Don’t remember his abs look as nice as the movie poster above though. He’s been showing his body a lot more recently in his public appearances. Specifically starting from his 12 horoscopes album. Anyway, not the main point.

Was’t expecting much from the movie because honestly, Jay Zhou is not well known as a director, or a actor. His music skills, performing and composing wise, are definitely good, he’s talented in that aspect, thus the songs he made for this show are nice. There’s lots of improvements that needs to be done for his acting skills though (nothing to say about his directing skills, because honestly, I can’t tell bad directing from good). Then again, most of Taiwanese actors/actresses are generally bad, I won’t be surprised if this is as far as he’s able to go.

Actually the part I like most should be the credits roll. It’s done like a popup storybook, slices of images places on different position on the z-axis so there’s difference of distances among the objects, it’s actually a simple concept, but I guess it’s the first time I see this effect done for movie’s credits. Hahas. Weird way of describing, but that’s the only way I’m able to think of LOL.

Actually throughout the show, it’s like you know what you’re watching. And at the same time, you don’t really know what you’re watching. I find it amazing how did he even though of a story line like this. There’s so many things that seems irrelevant, and yet somehow he managed to link it together, honestly, one needs talent to be able to piece things together like this.

Overall, this show contains romance,  love triangle relationship, some elements of a prince-and-pauper thingy, Hong Kong gangster triads, blackmailing, struggle for power in gangster triads, musical, environment from at least 20 years ago along I-don’t-know-what street, brotherhood, cheesy scene of a rape which I haven’t seen ever since the last World War II Singapore drama shown on local TV at least 10 years ago, car-racing elements, car accidents, kamikaze, reminiscing of the past,  reconciliation of a couple 50 years later. All in all,  this show carries a lot of elements. Considering that, it’s showtime is only 2 hours. Now that is something.

Well. At least the songs are good. There are many funny parts. And perhaps I should start off with this. It stars Jay Zhou. Guess this are the pros of the show.

Watch if you just wanna… watch something.

PS. I just hope Lynnette won’t kill me after reading this post.


6 thoughts on “Rooftop by Jay Zhou – Movie

  1. FIRST.
    i saw in the papers today that jay chou said rooftop can match hollywood musicals, etc. and i’m like, oh my god, this guy has zero sense of self-understanding. he is delusional. at least i know when i’ve made something bad!

    1. HOLLYWOOD MUSICALS?? Hahas, i didnt get it man, i read it the first time and i thought you meant bollywood, and then I was thinking since when you rooted for bollywood musicals so much LOL.

      bollywoods maybe, but definitely not hollywoods man >< its just that both is musical thats all.

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