Don’t take your friends for granted

Every relationship takes both sides to maintain. I’ll not deny that I’m a person who thinks a lot (like a lot), I’m quite an extreme person when it comes to friendship. Thus I have many levels to a friendship. My social circle is kinda small though. I like to have a couple of close friends, with whom I can totally be myself, and speak/behave freely. There isn’t any point in having a lot of “friends” and then I have to think of what I should/shouldn’t say. Then that’s just acquaintances.

People who can accept me, accept me, and we’re close friends. People who can’t, falls in the “acquaintances” category in which I’ll answer everything in a manner that doesn’t spark off controversies/or a need to continue talking.

It is true that one cannot expect the other to treat one back equally, as it does takes 2 hands to clap. It’s not wrong for a person to do / or not do anything for his/her friend. But when the other person starts treating him/her back as a normal friend/acquaintance, instead of how he/she treated you previously when you’re still considered a friend,  it’s not wrong for the other person too.

Because he other person might have given up on you as his/her friend. When the bond has been cut, there are a lot of obligations that one runs free of, when lying does’t seem so hard anymore. When a person doesn’t matter to me anymore, I can lie myself through everything as I don’t feel the need to be honest to you anymore. That is a characteristics that is only shown to my friends.

This is it.

The saddest thing is when you actually did something to piss people off and you didn’t even realize it.


23 thoughts on “Don’t take your friends for granted

      1. how i know?
        maybe you had a dream about me and in the dream, i said you were a ***** and so you hate me now?
        and naturally, because of this, i wouldnt know right??

        ohmygawd, i should ask all my friends to stop dreaming about me!

        1. yeah……. no…….
          most probably the last i actually dreamt of you is way back in secondary school. and even this, im not even sure if ive actually even dreamed of you before. LOL.

          and.. no. im not dreaming of you dun worry.

    1. dude. if i can like control my dream. ill dream of Jeremy lee renner, nicholas tse, big bang and a great amount of number of people and continue looping.

  1. Ehhhhh…..ehhhhhhhhh……….
    blog about your favourite boy band or something?
    since me and lynnette have like a trend now….
    budden dont think youre interested….

    i dont care! find something!

    1. favourite boy band?? big bang lor. but then nothing much to blog about them also, not like im really reallyyyyyyy crazy about ’em.
      i dun care for you and lynnette’s trend la. im too old for your fangirl mode. LOL.
      glad you know im not interested, so dun ask me to tsk.

      NOTHING TO BLOGGGGGGGG. i give you my login you help me blog can bo xD

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