The Wolverine – Movie


Felt like recently I’m being chased by loan sharks to update my blog. LOL. Anyways, couldn’t find anything else to update about recently, so gonna just update about the latest movie I’ve watched.

Hmm.. Quite a okay movie. Actually, it’s pretty hard for this kind of movie to suck isn’t it. Big budget, good actors, good CG. When you have good graphics, it’s pretty hard for any movie to suck a lot. (Unless it’s a whole animation movie, and then the storyline is important).

Anyways, since Hugh Jackman is revealing a lot of skin in this movie, I think it’s kinda nice. But ye can tell that he’s aging, I’m just starting to worry for future X-men sequels, especially the guy acting as Magneto seems quite old already. And when actors changes for a movie series, it’s just kinda sad. (Note, unless the character is like Dumbledore where his facial hair takes a 50% part of his face thus you can’t really tell see if the actor is changed or not. Or, maybe I just didn’t care for Harry Potter).

Well, to be fair, the actress who’s acting as Jean Gray (She creeps me out a lot, I think maybe due to her appearance in X-men 3 where she went bonkers and witch-like) is also showing a lot of skin, so considered eye-candy for the guys (rather unnecessary skin flashes).

Moral of this show : don’t save random people.


12 thoughts on “The Wolverine – Movie

  1. LOL! First!
    Thought I don’t watch any of the X-men movie. Just a comment on the moral of the movie: Don’t save means delete them?

  2. dont worry, filming is already underway for the next movie and I’m pretty sure Ian Mckellen is reprising the role of Magneto (else I’ll flip a desk and cry).

    Anyway, even though he’s old, he’s still pretty active in both the theatre and movie scene, so not to worry. In any case, even though he’s a mutant, his powers no need to run around ma, just hold your hands up and wave them around and the CG will do the rest. Quite easy really.
    For Patrick Stewart, even easier.
    He’s in a friggin’ wheelchair!

  3. @kmye: shit you LOL. you jolly well know what i meant tsk.

    @haunt: ooooooooh then that’s good. but ian mckellen is really old le man, but his acting is good. actually im more worried about ian mckellen hahas. hugh jackman wise, maybe only worry like he dun wanna film anymore lor. like christian bale.
    whoa. i now then know the prof xavier, the actor is 70 liao sia. previously i onli think hes like 50+, he look quite young in the movie. okay, then his age is also quite worrisome. LOL

  4. patrick stewart is quite amazing – if you look at his star trek performances from like god knows how long ago, his face still looks exactly the same.
    and 70? i think he 50 – 70 the face still exactly the same lor, so no worries, as long as he’s in good health.
    maybe he’s like some vampire or something. or he’s been bathing in the blood of virgins.

    1. the patrick stewart, seriously doesnt look old. or maybe due to his make up im not sure hahas. when i google on him, he did look older than he did on movies.
      blood of virgins. LOL.

      and i now then know ian mckellen is gay eh. so new to me hahas.

  5. i guess the make-up does help, but i think fundamentally his face doesnt really change much. maybe also cause he’s bald, so there’s no like hair thinning or whitening to look out for.

    and gay or not, ian mckellen is like total hot stuff, old man wise.
    he just exudes this aura of wisdom, whether be it in the gandalf sense or the i-want-all-humans-to-die magneto sense.
    when i first watched x-men, i kept expecting him to go “you shall not pass” and do the friendly gandalf smile.
    then when i re-watched LOTR, i kept expecting him to turn evil all of a sudden and swirl metal around.

    ian mckellen has a t-shirt that says, “i’m gandalf AND magneto. deal with it”

    1. theres lines to look out for. LOL. on the face hahas.

      ehhhhh. okays. i dun hve any special feelings for him ahahs, but he is a great actor.

      and the shirt’s super cool.

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