Happy Birthday to You and Me



A belated Happy Birthday post to Oi Shan and myself. Was planning to meet Oi Oi on her birthday and then I fall sick all of a sudden, woke up in the middle of the night with itchy eyes, throat, blocked nose, I almost thought I ate something allergic that causes these weird reactions, but well, seems like just down with some flu / cough weird syndrome. Just when I have heaps of work and homework to do, great. Oi Oi, your curse of golden tortoise is bestowed upon me!!! T.T Hahas.

Anyways, so the meeting was called off. And I’m still sick up to date. Good thing is I’m not suffering from a fever, else I’d really be in deep shit.

Actually, I should have posted a post on my birthday too, but too lazy to, and couldn’t find the mood to. As the year goes by, I’m feeling more and more jaded about my birthday. It’s kinda like a normal day to me, well, since I still have to go to work, I think I even had to go to school after work last year (if I didn’t remember wrongly). It’s just a random day, hell, a Public Holiday might have made more difference (since I’d be able to sleep late). Okays, I did get extra allowance from my parents though, so yeah.. Still a difference.

Thanks to those who wished me Happy Birthdays and took the trouble / effort to meet me for a simple dinner hahas. It’s heartwarming to know I have a couple of nice friends around me, with 1 who flew off to China for life (sobs) but still wished me Happy Birthday anyhows. Actually, most of them won’t even saw this post because they hardly go to blogs LOL. But still, thanks people =). For those whom I haven’t met because they thought I’m busy, I’ll haunt them back the moment I find the time to (once my assignments, exams and whatever other nonsense are over). Dudes / Dudettes, just because usually I have a busy schedule doesn’t mean you can don’t need to date me anymore man, I will still try to find time to meet you guy =P.

Gawd, I feel like I’m living like a 40 yr old spinster man. I’m not sure if it’s the slight depression I’m feeling lately that’s bringing down my birthday mood but I hope I can feel uplifted soon (will be once this semester is over, but it’s still a long way to go argh!!). If I’m a cartoon character, there should be a black cloud looming over me all the time.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You and Me

  1. FIRST

    hahahah and yeah, my curse transferred to you. hahhahah
    forget about being jaded for birthdays, for me all i wanted was to spend the day in peace with nothing bad happening. and most fortunately, the only bad thing i experienced was hilariously bad service at this cafe i went to for dinner, and i was like, hey, if this is the worst thing of the day i’m gonna get, i’ll take it!
    but it really was hilariously bad service.

  2. theres usually always a reason why we feel upset de la. just figure out what it is lor and see if theres anything you can do about it. (unless it only lasts like two days or something, in which case its probably just hormonal.)
    if not, you can come hang out with me and we can moan together. yeah man.

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