Mortal Instruments + Elysium


Hey look! It’s Twilight with different actors / actresses! I think sooner or later I’d be able to compile my list of top 5 worst movies. I usually watch movies that are advertised quite widely, or when the trailers are nice, I thought it’d be hard to fill up that list. But well, actually I think I should have that list already, just that I don’t really remember unless I trace back my past blog posts.

Anyways, I’ll make you understand how bad this movie is, which I’ve already told most of my friends :

I’d rather watch Twilight 5 times than to watch this, and no, it’s not an exaggeration.

I do understand that recent movies are taking up to 2 hours. But I have no idea how this movie can takes up over 2 hours.  10 minutes into the show, I’m getting a little bored. Then things started going a little interesting when the fighting starts. And from there it drops flat down.

Corny show. Full of corns. Guy’s acting was terrible, and he’s not that good looking either, thus no eye candy for me. Weird transition of movies where girl randomly draw rune in the air and never explain how she got it, or what it does, not much explanation of it. Teleportal in the middle of the school campus where not much explanation is done also, guy uses it for lame purposes to please the girl. It’s so much badness I’m not even sure how to say them all.

Just don’t watch it. Maybe the book might be better, or might be another Stephanie Meyer alike book. I think I’d rather read 50 shades of grey.



Actually I went to watch this show with a relatively low expectation, mainly because I’m affected by Oi as she was mentioning that she heard it’s not great. But maybe because I went in with low expectation, this show turns out to be much better than expected. I was consistently bracing myself for sudden loud noises. Aaaaaaaand, turn out, there’s not much sudden surprises (thank god).

Very typical kind of sci-fi movies. Better than Oblivion though in my opinion.

I realised there’s nothing much I can say about this movie. Because honestly what you see in the trailer is about what the whole movie is about.

I still doesn’t have much love for Matt Damon, despite many people telling me he’s hot, including Oi, but since Johnny Depp to her is also considered hot…. Nvm about her opinion on this. Maybe cuz he’s bald in this movie, I can’t find much love for it. His body is also a little strong? Or maybe I just prefer guy that have not much muscles hahas.

But I like Jodie Foster though :



SO COOOOOOOOOL. Mainly because of her hairstyle maybe hahahahas. I like the cold, cruel image that she’s expected to portray as according to the character of the movie. Usually people focus on the heroines of the shows, but most of the time, the badass characters are the ones who really has the good acting skills, the evil laugh, the crazy face, icy-cold stares. For now, I can think of the guy who acted as Joker (though he’s passed away), the guy acting as Loki in the Thor. IAN MCKELLEN!!!!! Though he’s not considered a pure evil character in X-Men..  Okay, can’t think of anything else, any more to pile on peeps?



2 thoughts on “Mortal Instruments + Elysium

  1. First.
    And watch Twilight 5 times? Wow, this has to be seriously bad.
    Are you very sure? Some of the Twilight movies are coma-inducingly boring.
    And gawd it’s such a low season for movies.

    1. Okay la, I mean Twilight series, the first movie : Twilight, watch 5 times. I didn’t watch the rest. Hmm.. the acting skills of the actors / actresses equally suck lo.

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