A Walk in the Admiralty Park

Just went to Admiralty Park with LEO this morning. And I’ve been suffering from a splitting headache since 8 hours ago. There wasn’t much good shots taken but yeah it was fun aside from the mosquito bites. And the weird feeling that we’re lost when we stopped in the middle of a random road, with trees on both sides. I should have taken picture of the weird place we were in but I forgot to.

We were totally overdressed for today. Short rainfall, and a little muddy trails, were expecting to have concrete paths, since it’s a park, so I thought it’s like Bishan Park kind of place. Well, think it feels more like a reservoir, well, it’s still a nice place to explore hahas. I’ve touched up on the photos already, not sure if you guys would want me to post it on Facebook or not, thus I think maybe its better to post here instead. Lemme show you guys the before and after pictures, feels like those online before and after make-up effect kind of photos :

IMG_0129_resize IMG_0129_resize

Still thinking whether to use this picture for silhouette or for framing. Cuz… honestly I think it’s harder to get a framing shot than a silhouette shot. Either way, I’d definitely keep this first and see what else can I come up with hahas.

IMG_0139_resize IMG_0139_resize

This might be a better picture for silhouette. But, I think if I actually submit these 2 photos for both silhouette and framing, my lecturer might just minus my marks for being too lazy LOL.

IMG_0236_resize IMG_0236_resize

IMG_0229_resize IMG_0229_resize

Actually should have asked Lynnette to stand further down the road and there will be like 2 frames. Argh, what a pity *roll on floor*. And seriously, I should print a A5 size of this picture and give it to Oi to pin it up on her room wall.

Not sure if I should use the below for framing cuz it doesn’t look nice at all. And while looking for framing shots, I realised Oi really have talent to become a stalker.

IMG_0205_resize IMG_0205_resize


Random girl duo / band. This should be used as an album picture man. The one with the cap the rapper, the other can be the background singer. And I’m just a camera-man taking pictures for their albums T.T

The above is chosen for my assignments, I’m contemplating which ballet picture to use for framing. In any case, I have 2 confirmed pictures for my assignment now, and 6 more to go.

Below are album pictures for L and O:

IMG_0153_resize IMG_0153_resize


IMG_0158_resize IMG_0158_resize

A girl running away from home. Should have cropped off the buildings too, so she’ll look like she’s lost in some greens.

IMG_0169_resize IMG_0169_resize

Oi, you have no idea how hard it is for me to adjust the setting colors, because your leg look damn sunburnt everytime I move up the color contrast.

IMG_0178_resize IMG_0178_resize


IMG_0190_resize IMG_0190_resize


IMG_0244_resize IMG_0244_resize


That’s it. Dudettes, if you all wan the pictures, tell me I’ll send it to ye.

I thought of a picture for “Pattern” already. Do you guys have any idea where to go to take picture of a spiral of stairs?

After editing the photos, it feels like the pictures that are taken with my camera are covered with a thin layer of grey veil. Ah~ The power of photo enhancement.




Lecturer: This is not cheating ah~ This is called “photo enhancement”..






5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Admiralty Park

  1. FIRST
    and yeah, i look damn sunburnt. try lowering the reds.

    and haha, i like the one with the tiny me on the path the best. makes me think of the LOTR Tolkien poem, “the road goes ever on and on…”

    but when do you have to hand in? i dont mind going out with you for it again~

    1. okays, i lazy to reblog liao, but i’ll lessen the saturation for the assignment ba. you look like a super healthy girl playing volleyball day in day out everyday LOL.

      yeaaaaa. but i think removing the buildings on the top will be a better shot. I can give you the original picture, you can crop it and put for your blog de banner or whatever. LOL

      about 23rd this month, so I really need to go take more pictures quickly. Can you think of anywhere where i can take a spiral of stairs? I need to go MBS at night too *bambi eyes*

  2. spiral of stairs? I thought of ntu lol. or some high class hotel with their spirals. then you can enhance it with a photo of a DNA model side by side for comparison lol..

    and I thought oioi was wearing some orange pants in the ‘sunburnt’ pics lol.

    me too~~~ i also don’t mind tagging along!

    1. what DNA model….. LOL. shen me dong xi la LOL.
      ntu got spiral stairs? i cant think of anywhere sia. http://static.flickr.com/74/202549889_5ac726093b.jpg like this kind. singapore got this kind of high classy place bo except for president’s house (not even sure president’s house have or not).

      LOL. okay, I really up the reds too much, im feeling sorry towards Oi’s legs now LOL.

      hahahas okay. lets go tgt again. but need to find where to go. and im left with 3 weeks now actually. so needa find this weekend? you guys free? better still, then got 2 models LOL.

      1. haha I know my old hair salon had spiral stairs. And near my old workplace also got. Spiral stairs some of the older shophouse types will have.
        But yeah, none of them are like half that fancy.

        And yes, please lower the reds. I feel sorry for me too.

        This weekend is fine with me.

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