Actually I’ve always known for a fact that everybody is weird.

Not sure if you guys have seen “Fruits Basket” before or not. It’s a Japanese anime that was made like 10 years ago? I remember I was in secondary school at that time. There’s something about Japanese shows, at least when I used to watch them few years back, there are deep meanings behind the storyline, not sure if the shows are shallower nowadays.

When the female lead was young, there’s a game they played in school called “Fruits Basket” where everybody is assigned to be a fruit and she is assigned by her classmates to be an onigiri. It works like a “Blow wind blow” kind of game where the name of the fruits will be called, and those who are assigned that “fruits” name are supposed to get up and run to another seat. Okays. I’m quite surprised that I actually remember so much (this is amazing) and if anyone of you out there who watched it and this is not what that happened, then kudos to myself for coming up with such great storyline.

In the game, the term “onigiri”, will never be shouted by others. The thing is, while each and every one of us are individuals with unique personality, we are “crowd” creatures. As we exist in groups, there are a part of us that cannot be accepted by the others or by the society as a whole, while in the process of “growing up” or surviving, we’re forced to “rub” away these sharp edges that are unable to fit among majority, Ironic thing is, is being a part of “majority” a good thing? While being in a majority, creativity is lost, indifference are not supposed to exist, we turned into a bunch of complacent “yes-man” who follow what other says. Those who are aren’t able to “rub” away their edges on the other hand unfortunately or fortunately, became the minority of people who are “out-casted”. Humans, no matter how great or how smart we think ourselves to be, let’s face it, we’re still animals. There’s this survival instinct that is within us that can adapt to extreme situations for survival, what’s more to adapt ourselves to social situations like this? But, tangent to the point that I wanna make.

There are always differences between people, and no matter how open-minded one really is, or one thought himself / herself is, there will definitely be a certain line where you think you’re right, and no amount of preaching / telling / scolding will change a person’s mind until one day he / she finally experience the same situation and feel the same way. There are always 2 sides to a coin, or more if you prefer, while one person think he / she is right, and one or more person join that person in thinking what he / she is right, they will always think that is right. A group of people who thinks they’re right will always think they’re right, if there are a minority of people who told them that what they think is wrong, they group of people will try to change the minority of people.

Know this: Once a person tell you something that conflicts with what you believe, and you can’t listen with an open mind and instead think the other person is a total bullshit, tried to change that person’s thinking, refusal to give a second thought to it, that’s it, you’re fixated in your own beliefs and are unable to see from another perspective(s).

But of course in theory, everybody can speak what they feel, I for one, is quite a judgmental person.

So what am I trying to do? Just normal ranting.

Disclaimer: If the above situation happen to be related to any real life events, please know that it’s a coincidence. Just thinking about a lot of random things recently, and this is just one small portion of it.


13 thoughts on “Differences?

  1. FIRST!
    After some million years cause I’m too lazy to comment haha.

    I guess other than being close minded, it also shows how much self-confidence a person has? If you just agree with whatever others say, it won’t really be open minded but more like going along to avoid conflict?

    1. LOL yeah, very long liao, not bad, finally its not oi oi anymore.

      Yea, true also, but there are alot of people that refuse to listen to what the other says though. Or some just blindly agree because they’re just fu yan-ing? Hahas.

  2. Yeah, technically I already knew that you were posting this beforehand, but I was too distracted with trying to finish my own post so forgot to come look at yours. Haha, so fine, you can have my FIRST. (sounds so wrong)

    Anyway, your this blog post very surprisingly DEEPPPP sia.
    (Afterthought note: And I couldn’t help but type out a super long response. Geh.)

    And while it’s true that there are plenty of sociological and biological reasons for why a majority will always want to impress its sense of right and wrong on the minority, and that as progressive, empathetic humans, we should always aspire to be open-minded and accepting – there is however the consideration that there might very often be cases where as a person, you can be simply be in a logical position of strength over another person.

    For instance, if a person were to argue with me that killing people is always right, or that butterflies come from your poop, this person could very likely be arguing from a position of ignorance and/or logical inconsistency.

    In which case, in the interest of not perpetuating stupidity, I would then have a good reason to say no, you are WRONG.
    (Although of course, we might, be in fact dealing with a nihilist or something, who might has radical yet logical reasons for believing as he does. But nevertheless, one would feel a responsibility to establish the weakness of such a system of thinking.)

    While it’s truth in life, there’s a great deal of subjectivity to everything, there are nevertheless clear areas of thinking that can only be one thing or another.
    Complete subjectivity of our environment is always a tricky argument to uphold – because even the statement, “There is no such thing as truth”, is itself untrue, and hence a self-contradictory and self-weakening hypothesis.

    It’s our responsibility as humans, to always try to fight each other and figure out what’s the best way forward, in other to progress, to change. Because if everybody just went around saying yes, I’m sure you have reasons for thinking so, and never arguing about it and taking a stance, nobody will ever be inclined to think differently about any issue, and we will never change.
    It will always be a difficult process, because inevitably, ideas that are different and new and better will always be difficult to inculcate into a majority.

    But I think what is always important will always be respect.
    Respect for our fellow human beings, respect for their individuality, their ways of thinking.

    So that even when we think they’re wrong, we can pause long enough to try and understand why, to never judge them and hate them indiscriminately, and then ironically enough, become closed-minded people incapable of changing, and hence ever more likely to be wrong.

    1. gawd can you just write a blog post on this instead LOL. your comment is frigging long la. and mine compared to yours is pretty layman’s term liao lor. and of course not arguing for the fact of arguing, in which case arguing that butterflies come out from your poop is gross and quite funny.

      but i like your point that we always try to fight each other and figure out what’s the best way forward. but i guess respect is ultimately the most important element, as much as one always think one is right, we should do our best to not disregard a person entirely just because he / she stands on a total different ground. what i want to say is, we should always keep an open mind and listen to the others for their perspectives, because the more i hang around with different people, it’s amazing to see how close minded we really are, and the saddest thing is we didn’t even realise it before. but of course it’s easier said than done, because people always believe what they believe is true until something happens to themselves that changes their beliefs. nonetheless, just writing it to remind myself to stay open minded as much as possible hahas.

      1. I guess what makes it particularly difficult to be an open-minded person is always this annoying sense that when you do that, and you try to be accepting of people and understanding, it creates a sense of vulnerability, that people don’t always reciprocate.
        It’s hard to be open-minded to people when they’re selfishly holding onto their own views and insisting that you’re wrong and making personal judgments upon you, that you yourself avoid inflicting on others.

        It’s a kind of competitive environment of ideas that lets people who are selfish win out, you know, like trying to squeeze onto a train instead of giving way. When actually everyone giving way is actually the best possible option for everybody involved.

        So it’s harder to be the one who can actually stand up and take that kind of social loss, by being broad-minded, accepting and willing to change.
        But it’s ultimately still a greater show of strength, to be broad-minded, precisely because you have the strength to accept that kind of loss towards yourself.

        So yeah, I applaud your commitment to open-minded-ness.

        1. actually yeah, even now it does make it feels like im “losing” when i agree with somebody’s opinion, that’s the reason why actually i still kinda resist when somebody tell me something that’s otherwise, but i will try to keep thinking about it after to see if it make sense or not, i dont want to hang on to my own stubborn views and then end up trapped in my own lalaland.
          but its true, i noticed a lot of people who persist on their own point of view and personally i don’t really like making long arguments, thus i usually stop the conversation on my side.

          well, it’s easier to stand among the crowd and believe in something everybody believe in

          1. yeah, i can totally feel your pain. for someone who i believe is an intelligent human being, i would try to debate and make myself understood. but for people whom i have no respect for, i just kind of, yeah, whatever, i’ll say whatever you want me to say, as long as you go away.

            thinking about it, it’s really not a productive course of action, and actually while it’s the more painful path, it’s kinder to correct someone to allow them to persist in something that is wrong or ignorant.
            i suppose it’s an act of kindness sometimes to bother correcting someone, but i’m too selfish a person to care that deeply.

            1. HAHAHAHA you very fu yan eh. Usually by default I will still make my thoughts known and try to make the other party think in another perspective also. But if this kind of thing persist for long. And I feel theres.no results then I wun continue liao. Either this or if these kind of situations keep happening ill also give up eventually.

              Actually I think you also will try to make known your thoughts. And you will also stop for the same two reasons I stated above ba.

              1. yeah guess so. but i think my capacity for deep conversation is extremely limited. i think yours still higher than me.

                i feel tired just thinking about having to go into long abstract debates over things.

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