Big Bang at F1

It was a super great night. My manager helped me to get 2 F1 tickets from our client, and I brought Oi along with me to see BIG BANG!!!

I was feeling pretty whiny when I was thinking of going at first, imagining the sweat, the crowd, the screaming, well, I, for one thing really hates crowd. So I was feeling kinda sian-ed about going for the F1. Waited for 3 hours, as the show starts at 23.15, feeling uber bored. And for once in my 23 years of living, I first time really noticed the moon changes its location as the time goes. We were that bored.

And the revving of the F1 racing cars make it super hard for me and Oi to talk. Especially for the last 1 hour and 30 minutes when we were just standing there, and the real practice of F1 starts, we were practically yelling our heads off talking.

Okays, enough introduction, time for the visuals! I’m so glad I went for the F1. Wakaka.



I thought I had more shots of Seungri, turned out most of it are quite blurry. He said quite a lot of things, mostly nonsense hahas, but that’s just the way he is. And halfway through he gave up and said “I’m sorry, my English is terrible!” Hahas, but well, kudos to him for taking the effort to try though.


Actually by right it should be easy to take TOP, since he didn’t really move much. But I can’t really seem to get a good shot of him. I think mainly cuz he seldom head down to where we are standing, and when he do, he kept facing where the lights are shining on his face so I can’t manage to get a good shot.

And I think most people liked him, when he came out, everybody was screaming like hell, and when Taeyang’s image appeared on the screen, the scream got a lot weaker. Tsk, so biased (then again me also HAHA)


I have the least shots of Taeyang and Daesung. They kept standing at a farther end away from me. Not easy getting a shot of them. Halfway when I’m trying to take a picture of either of them, Seungri will suddenly appear in my camera. LOL


Keke though this is not clear, I like this shot though. Nice. And Daesung got a lot more shuai-er than before. I thought he looked more beefy on videos, but actually he’s quite small-sized also.



Ultimate highlight of the day, GD!!!!! His voice is a lot more higher than when I watched online. Super skinny, I think he should be lightest amongst all of them. Surprisingly I do have a few good shots of him. I don’t even remember when I took them ahahas.

Okay now for a few more pictures:

IMG_0423  IMG_0347 IMG_0377 IMG_0379 IMG_0385 IMG_0399 IMG_0418



And I’m so tired now hahas. Gotta go rush my assignment now xD


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