Busy Month

I’ve been too busy recently to actually make an actual update on my blog. When I’m not working, I’m rushing my assignment, and when I’m not rushing my assignment, I’m rushing my work. If I’m not doing any of the above, I’m actually sleeping, well, I do still have a few hours aside to watch past episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

But, really really really busy. And nope, I’m not really going out recently, at most going out once a week, well, I still have 2 nights where I needa go school in a week anyways, so yea… 3 nights out is still kinda a lot. And well, due to my work, I’ve also stayed a bit longer so when I reached home it’s usually 8+ pm.

Zzzz. Didn’t felt like I have rested for the past month. Guess it will be better for me in the next few weeks, my assignments are almost done, lessons also almost done, mainly because the big project I’m working on in my company is almost done.

Will find another time to do a better and happier update. Actually, now that I think about it, my inspiration mainly come from my depression and down swings of life. But I really don’t really wanna do any real updates for now, trying to not think too much for now else I’ll get into the loop of depression again hahas.

Guys, let’s meet up some day yea? I needa take more pictures for my last final examination assignment xD


Now that I think about it, if I actually read back on my blog, it’s mainly about ranting posts and most of it are kinda depressing. LOL.


3 thoughts on “Busy Month

  1. i feel your pain.
    cos i just spent the last 3 hours making changes that could have been done a long time ago instead of now, last minute, because of my nincompoop client.

    lets sit around together in a cafe and bitch about our terrible adult lives.

    and yeah, that’s why i always do my best never to rant/bitch/talk about depressing things on my blog. it’s my personal form of memory wipe.
    but gambatte, if you feel very stressed, you can call and rant to me, i give you permission.

    1. NINCOMPOOP HAHAHA, so rarely see people use this word, i onli saw it on big bang theory hahahahas. or i dunno what american drama. i know right lol. changes, its a neverending pile of crap that crap craps.

      yeah lets find a weekend day and hangout someday and bitch about our lives, i got so many gossips to update you guys.

      the thing is, my life currently is more of a flat line, where it usually just keep going down, or go back to the flat line. nothing biggie happening that bring it up, the onli latest event is like the big bang F1?

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