Gravity – Movie Review


I don’t really know how I should go about doing this. I rejected my colleagues when they were asking me to watch this, because I didn’t quite fancy sci-fi movies. Unless we’re talking about sci-fi-end-of-the-world-kind-of-films. And I’m not really a Sandra Bullock fan, I’ve never watched her show (I think) but I don’t really like her for no reason hahahs. Maybe just neutral, not to the extend of seeing her make me feel repulsed nor to the point I will want to go watch her movies, on the scale of 0-100 of likeness, maybe 45.

Anyways, and then I heard Oi Oi saying that this show is really great and that we should really watch it. Well, for her to actually really messaged us to tell us about this movie, I thought, “hey! Maybe this show is not bad afterall! And since the reviews ratings are high, maybe it’s not bad.”

Okay, and so I’ve dragged Lynnette and my colleagues with us down to watch this movie and and and I find this show …….

Wait for it..


First five minutes into the show I’m already suffering from slight motion sickness already.

Ten minutes into the show I’m just happy that I didn’t went to watch this in 3D. Because can you imagine, with the camera twirling and swirling like this, and random shits popping out in 3D, and since 3D effects is really kinda playing a trick on the eyes which already lowered my eyes defense by like 30% I might really end up puking into my colleague’s pringles can.

I’m whining throughout the entire show, about how I wanna clobber Oi Oi, and how I want the camera and characters to stop floating around.

I understand the swirling and twirling of the camera feel is cuz of the non-gravity thing. The way it’s shot around the environment and the characters does create this weird illusion for the audience to feel like we’re in space also. Which kinda sucked for me cuz I get motion sickness easily.

The most successful part of the movie for me is that, I’m really glad that we have gravity after all. It really is a movie deemed of its movie title. I never appreciated gravity as much as I have when I’m watching the show. I’m just hoping that everything in the show can stay rooted to the ground, like. just. rooted. to. the. ground. and. stop. the. swirling.

The show is moving at an incredibly slow speed, much like the speed of when you’re floating around in space I guess. Understandable, since there’s no gravity and everything move 100% slower (again. Thank you gravity!! For making fast paced movies possible!) I almost wanted to just lean back and sleep, and I was complaining to Lynnette throughout the whole movie.

Apparently every 90 minutes the debris of man-made shits in space will orbit around the earth once to hit shits. But but but why is it that everytime just nice when she reached a station thing, the debris will hit her?? Let’s not count the first 2 hits, but for the third hit I thought we can safely assume that those shits already orbited twice around the shitty space, shouldn’t it has reach that stupid last station 2 times already? Or unless I mistaken some parts.

If this is a literature essay, I will say that the last part of the movie when she finally reached the Earth (hurra for her and me), the first time when she couldn’t pick herself up from the sands signifies her state when she lost her daughter. She tried getting up, but failed and felled against the sand again, and then she tried again and finally managed to get up. Much like her experience through the space journey, she nearly given up but she didnt, and she survived the shit. Thus also meant that she’s over her daughter’s loss.

Blogged this mostly on my phone, amazing technology nowadays heh.

Yeah and if this is really a literature essay I might flunk it hahahaha. I’m just not that bullshitty enough keke.

Towards the end of the show I realised that most of the lousy movies in my life were somehow related to Oi Oi, sky crawlers, rum diary and this. Oi oi, if next time you going to tell me a show is nice, tell me if it’s Oscar-winning nice or general-audience nice, I’m definitely the latter hahas.


6 thoughts on “Gravity – Movie Review

  1. (first!)

    sky crawlers and rum diary i didn’t like either, so don’t loop them together.
    but i didn’t know you had motion sickness also – i did warn my sister about it, don’t remember if i warned you guys.

    and yeah, okay, guess our tastes quite different? hahahaha next time i’ll try and recommend mainstream movies instead. (but actully gravity did very well at the box office if i’m not wrong, so this is already considered mainstream. plus it’s a lot more accessible compared to other big sciency films that i know.)

    the only bones i have to pick with gravity is that every now and then, the lines get kinda cheesy and staid and block-buster-movie-ish. Plus the ending lacked a bit of subtlety and on overall, the story didn’t rock my pants off. But it was still pretty good.

    but i really cant consider this movie slow. some parts, yeah, there wasn’t much action, but it never felt tedious, cos the technical achievement is just so awesome to look at.
    plus, in some parts, can consider it a thriller liao.
    so i cant say i relate very much to your complaints, hahahahah. guess next time take my recommendations with a pinch of salt?
    pai seh.

    1. HAHAHAHA, good point. You know while watching this movie, I kept getting reminded of “sky crawlers” because of the ultimate slow progress. LOL

      noooooooooo. i don’t care, filter it to according you think I will like it or not LOL. this one really feel like oscar-winning nice to me lehs.

      i don’t remember what lines there are that’s cheesy eh, actually, i don’t remember any lines at all hahahas.

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