November in a Flash

I haven’t really had the time to really sit down and blog about my trip to Australia. My next post will be on that instead, for now I’ll just summarize how my life has been for November, which is really packed to the brim and thus I’m having a really bad sore throat now, hacking and coughing non-stop in the office.

I have no idea how the previous month passed, everything was kinda in a flash now to me, but it was really slow to me at that time (duh). Please look at my schedule for November below:

Was busy with my photography module’s assignment up to the end of October, which I then had to rush the last ECA for the same photography module which is due on 11/11/2013 (ECA carries 70% weightage of the whole module, kinda like the exam paper but cannot be done in examination halls).

12/11/2013 – 13/11/2013 – Study for C++ paper which is on the next day

14/11/2013 – Paper from 4-6, after which I’ll have to fly to the airport to rush for plane at 8.50pm to get to Thailand for my company’s DND / yearly conference event (and actually there was some protest going on at that time, luckily nothing happened though we were careful with the color of our shirts)

15/11/2013 – 17/11/2013 – Company conference + DND + Company bonding

18/11/2013 – this one may have been my fault, we extended one more night there to do some extra shopping when actually I should really be studying because I have a paper the next day

19/11/2013 – Advanced C++ paper, well, I more or less managed to studied beforehand so it’s not that bad

20/11/2013 – 21/11/2013 – Back to work for 2 days, and then set off to fly to Australia on 21st night.

22/11/2013 – 2 /12/2013 – In Australia and it wasn’t that relaxing either, I’m currently just thinking should I just set password to my next post.


3 thoughts on “November in a Flash

    1. yea man, that’s why i’m quite sick now hahas, just curbing it by drinking a lot a lot of herbal tea. im worrying for my upcoming menses. LOL. and dude, you know most of the juicy details already man, it’s like re-reading things you already know LOL.

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