Frozen + Hunger Games : Catching Fire

Okay I needa stop procrastinating and start blogging, I kept feel like slacking all the time even though I have tons and tons of things to do, I have no idea how am I going to start school in a month’s time. Anyways, out of point, I’ll get to that in a couple more posts (gotta settle this and Aus trip first).


This show is really… kinda disappointing. I’m not sure is it cuz I haven’t seen the trailer before watching this, I had no idea what to expect or the movie, and absolutely no idea what the whole show is about.

I watched another movie with the exact same name, and that was like the top 10 worst movies I’ve seen, this might well be up there also. Really, I’m not sure if the movies qualities are getting more and more bad or just my expectations getting higher and higher. Usually I’m quite okay with animation movies, because usually animation movies doesn’t suck as much as real movies.. I’m reminded of Epic.

Moving on. I think Disney is trying too hard to incorporate music into the movies, like how they used to do Disney classics, which were brilliant. I find Tangled okay, the songs are not bad (except those with the fake mother singing, I just didn’t quite like her voice and it’s kinda annoying to me hahas), and I enjoyed watching Tangled. But this is just… weird. The songs don’t sound nice, and it’s definitely not catchy. Actually, I don’t even remember what songs are there now.

The only part I like about this movie, is when Erza (the older sis, who is the one with the freezing ability) decided to let herself out and stop refraining herself. The change was kinda amazing, she used her ability (that controls ice, generate ice and basically everything to do with ice) to build an ice castle, with all the icy decorations and thingies, and then all of a sudden she had the ability to create clothes out of nothingness (unless you’re telling me her clothes are made of ice) but I think it’s a very small detail that nobody really fixate on. And.. her make up changed.

Somehow, I really thought this show consist of 2 female leads and 2 male leads, I’m not even sure if the last part is considered a twist or not because I totally didn’t expect it. I know twists are called twists because nobody expects them, but the last part came a bit abrupt to me, a sudden twist out of nowhere. And… Isn’t the older sis the female lead? I have no idea how come in the end seems like it’s the younger sis who is the lead.

I think… only the effects are amazing for this movie.. I guess.. I’m not sure what else to praise hahahas.

The only song that’s nice of the show.

For a moment, I thought she’ll build out the castle of the Disney’s icon.


I think I prefer this more than the first one. Actually both shows rendered me bored throughout the whole thing, but there were more interesting parts for this than the previous one.

It’s actually a first for me to find a show being both boring and interesting. Movies recently are getting longer and longer in duration but is there really a need for that? Somehow I feel like the movie is very draggy. After some time of watching the show and I got bored midway, I can’t remember which part was that, but I squinted to look at my watch to see what time is it, and holyyyyyy gawd, it’s only 1 hours. Okay, well, at least I managed to survive the whole show without looking at my watch for the first hour. I think I started looking at my watch 20 minutes into watching City of Bones, I think watching documentary of bones would be more interesting.

One thing to note is that, Peta and Katniss seem more like a couple now, and the childhood guy friend person look more and more like Chris Hemsworth now, I’m just staring to see which angle of him resemble his brother more.

I got bored mostly of the touchy parts, whenever there are some “romantic” (not to me) scenes appear where there are random kissing and cuddling, I got super bored. And I kept getting constantly reminded of the love triangle thingy in Twilight’s New Moon movie, where Bimbo was flirting with both Jacob and her imaginary figment of Edward (I didn’t watch the movie, I read the book, which I think is 10x worst than movie). My friend got a little upset that I compared this show with Twilight, but I really can’t stop comparing the love triangle though I do agree that they did try to keep it to a minimum because there were just so many other things that Katniss is worried about.

I like the part where the bizarrely-dressed rich people were offering some vomit-induce pills / thingy to Peta when he said he were too full for more food, so that he can vomit out what he just had to take in more variety of food – because this is exactly what is happening in reality isn’t it. Oh yeah, and my other favorite part was when they went to the first district where she said what she felt to the family who had lost their kids (the dark-skinned little girl who was helping her in the first movie) and a guy raised his hand and whistled the tune, only to get dragged away, I teared up at that point.

Come to think of it, I teared at a few parts, including the parts where I got bored and yawned so hard some liquid formed in my eyes, the touching parts wasn’t that touching enough to drive me over the edge though, so it’s just a little.

Anyways, it’s a nice buildup to the subsequent movies, I’m already looking forward to the third one already.

One thing to really look forward to is that Jennifer Lawrence’s acting is really good. The whole movie (at least this) really depended on her acting skills, a lot of her emotions, feelings, struggle, I love the last part where her facial expression changes from devastating grief into a look of determination to revenge. Felt like a revolution leader in the making. LOL.

I keep having this feeling that it’s not Sunday night today, and that I don’t have to go to work in 9 hours’ time. But the sad fact is that I have to. Depressing.


3 thoughts on “Frozen + Hunger Games : Catching Fire

  1. FIRST.

    and yes, the younger sister was the obvious lead. but yea, i liked the older sister better too.
    and yeah i like that “let it go” sequence a lot.
    but i also thought the sequence when the younger sister is sad that erza isn’t coming out of her room was very nice.
    then the rest pretty much started falling flat on its face.

    but yeah, the love triangle in hunger games is pointless.
    quite a few people on av club commented on how completely underwhelming both suitors are, so nobody’s really interested in rooting for either one.

  2. erm… i feel like erza is the lead actually. LOL. it’s only halfway through then I realised the younger sis is the lead. which felt kinda weird.

    only the let it go is nice, did you know it’s originally by demi lovato, but this lady sings it better (she’s the one who sang defying gravity!!!)

    yup. both equally useless and it’s up to katniss to save the day. okay la, good ma, instead of girls who keep swooning after guys, it should have a change of role now LOL.

  3. nah, it was pretty clear from early on that the story was leaning towards the younger sister. because the entire sequence of growing up was from the younger sister’s POV. they sort of share the lead, because the story is about their relationship, but the younger sister was always the main protagonist.

    and yeah, i like that guys are swooning after katniss instead of the other way round, but even so, it would would better if the two of them were more appealing.

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