Australia Trip (Sydney, Brisbane)

I think I wanna get this over and be done with finally, I keep having this thing on my to-do list and am very bothered by the nagging feeling, tho I find it very hard for me to sit down and blog recently, just feel like sitting around and slacking. Anyways, moving on.

Most people have already heard the true version of the trip I went on, thus I think I’m not going to blog the whole details here (mainly cuz I’m lazy to and I repeated quite a number of times already)

IMG_1596 IMG_1595 IMG_1594


Accommodation in Australia is generally very overpriced, even staying in hostels will require at least 20 bucks a night for a person, then again, Australia is a very expensive place. I spent about 800 just on accommodation alone for the 10 nights I was there. Which is actually much lower already, even staying in red light district is quite expensive, and you might not even have a room with a stand-alone toilet.

Generally food are all potatoes and steaks over there, due to me not liking to eat salads, I didn’t had much vegetables over there and ended up with quite a lot of fried things, usually I like fried things, but I realized I don’t really like them on a 2-to-3-times-a-day basis.



That’s my first dinner / meal over in Brisbane, I didn’t take much photos of the food there, it’s all things that can be found in Singapore so I didn’t really bother to hahas.

IMG_1616 IMG_1617


There were actually quite a lot of cafes there, I think mainly cuz westerners really like to sit around in cafes most of the time. Actually there are a lot of cafes in Singapore also, but I seriously don’t understand why there are so many spaces in overseas cafes, but the local cafes are just stuck with frigging a lot of people. Okay, I know, it’s the students studying. If there is one thing that Singaporeans are better than foreigners, it’s our abilities to study continuously.

The more interesting places will be the weekends markets and farmers’ markets, farmers bring their harvest and sell it to the public through such markets, something that is not that common in other countries, but I was expected it to be bigger though:

IMG_1615 IMG_1609 IMG_1608


This was the farmers’ market we visited in Brisbane, it’s only there on the weekends. Most of the markets, or is it all, are only available on weekends. Though I usually spent less than an 1 hour in these places generally. I think markets in Laos or Thailand are more impressive. Maybe due to prices being much lower, I find a lot of things in Aus are not worth the price it’s labelled.

IMG_1728 IMG_1742 IMG_1757


The most photos I have on hand are photos of animals, I didn’t go for much attractions but I went to like 3 zoos though, no idea why hahas. It’s kinda nice going around looking at animals.

Most zoos don’t allow for visitors to hug the koalas, I think mainly cuz it’s very fragile, and there’s a risk in letting general public to hug them, luckily I did managed to get a feel of holding it in Brisbane’s zoo.

Just t show the pictures of random animals in the below:


These birds are damn common around the whole of Aus. And they’re very much more braver than pigeons in our country, if you have something in your hands, or are eating on a table that’s in open space, these birds might actually swoop down to have a taste of it, even if you’re still eating.


Sonic the hedgehog.


One of the main predators that are after koala bears, dingo.


Owl that appeared in some parts of Harry Potter. Nah, just kidding, just an ordinary owl, or maybe some bird that look like owls, can’t remember.


Random chicken turkey thingy that’s being let out running around in zoos.


Famous Australia animal.





Some big pelican thing.

And then more random pictures of attractions places.



We had a tour guide who was telling us some visitors he brought around Sydney asked him what’s that building and he was like “how could anyone not know what’s that building”.





Some observatory building that keep track of the weather. Some astronomy equipments inside and apparently this building has been around for quite some time already.


Some random bird cage thingy in the Royal botanic gardens of Sydney.

IMG_1956 IMG_2131 IMG_2161

Sydney harbour bridge. There was an option to climb up that thingy, but I didn’t climb up, kinda afraid of heights. And also came with a fee. So nope.


Darling harbour quay.


Some three sisters mountain. Have no idea why they came up with this name, it actually looked like 3 normal stones to me. Anyway this was in Blue Mountains, a 2 hour plus train journey away from Sydney.


I like this picture a lot hahas. Taken in Hunter Valley, this place is mostly selling chocolates and wines.



Bondi Beach. Didn’t spent much time here. Was on a half day tour around Sydney.

Okay, and then some wax figures from Madame Tussells, and then I’m gonna sign off.

IMG_2383 IMG_2387 IMG_2394 IMG_2399 IMG_2403 IMG_2411 IMG_2452 IMG_2458 IMG_2464 IMG_2466 IMG_2470 IMG_2471


Phew, one thing off my to do list finally.



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