Why one should really gossip

I realized I haven’t really been blogging about things that I’ve been pondering about for a long time.


Actually, it’s kinda more like I haven’t been regularly updating my blog for a long time. I think blog is the kind of thing, when you start to blog lesser and lesser, gradually you’ll get used to not blogging. I’ve been busy slacking so much recently that I haven’t been able to find time to actually concentrate on updating (especially now that I have an extra monitor which I use to watch shows, so it’s gradually getting harder for me to think about what I want to publish).

In any case, Oi has just recently blocked her blog, kinda thinking if I should actually do the same. The only difference being that she had a lot more stupid teenage stuffs in her blog (that’s what she said, or maybe I added an adjective) than mine, because my stupid teenage stuffs were lost since 10 million years ago. Another reason why I have reduced in blogging more personal thoughts are also partially due to not knowing who is really visiting my blog.


Moving on.

Something that’s more related to the topic of the post. I can never quite understand why people claim to not like gossiping. I do am aware that gossiping is actually not a healthy thing to do regularly (or to do at all). But there is really just this few kinds of people who are really able to not gossip at all :

  1. People who seriously don’t care what the fuck is happening, simply because they just don’t care, pretty much in a world of their own kind of people
  2. Monks / nuns who are able to see past the mortal world boundaries or what not and are also capable of totally just living in solitude or in the mountains
  3. Rich, spoilt bastards who grew up with plenty of maids / butlers taking care of their every whim, they themselves are usually the source of the gossips
  4. Babies / kids who are too young for this world
  5. People who live in solitude in mountains
  6. Or cave
  7. Or jungle
  8. <insert whatever weird kind of situations you are able to come up with>

I’ve always said this, gossiping actually brings a group of people closer faster and more effective than you think. While in the process of bitching about another, people realize through this process that “hey, this person think the same as me!” and in a way form some kind of bond between each other where both parties realize that both understands what’s going on and they’re both sharing the same thoughts. Quoting this famous sentence from Sun Tzu (I think should be this dude) where “the enemy of your enemy is your friend” (sort of).

Also, by gossiping, you’re actually exchanging information with another person about a person that both of you know. In this way, you will be able to verify if what you’re thinking if objective or not, when there are a few more people who actually thinks the same as you do, that’s when you know that the problem is really with that person and not you (which in a way you develop a self assurance that you’re fine. Life feels better for you this way)

So in a way, gossiping is really more like a session of exchanging useful information between 2  or more parties about another party who you are not really sure is what you think he / she really is.

In a world where everybody is busy pushing, clearing, diverting, creating, shits and everything is basically really about saving one’s ass, gossiping also allows one to better defend himself / herself. Know the other person better so you will be more careful when acting around him / her. Quoting another Sun Tzu’s saying, this time I’m pretty sure this dude is the guy who came up with the saying of “knowing one’s enemy”. Apparently the dude also came up with another quote saying that to know your enemy, you must become your enemy. The one person I can think of is too weird for me to be like him, so I’ll give it a pass.

Another good reason for gossiping is : stress. While bitching about another person, you more or less let off some steam, and that’s especially true when you find that the other party (especially if it’s friend) also think likewise as you and we can all bitch about the person together. And right at that instant, life feel much lighter and better for yourself.

This is the one thing that most people will actually be interested in (only if the other party also know the gossip topic, if not it’s just one sided bitching and the level of satisfaction is not as high for the listener). So don’t have to act all high and almighty and deny the fact that one likes to gossip. Because so far the few people who I’ve seen that told me that they don’t like gossiping ended up gossiping when the topic comes by.

Embrace yourself and identify what are the things you like. Like for me, I embrace the fact that I like bitching about another person very much and of course about pervertic hamster stuffs.

Have no idea what’s the conclusion of this post is, wait, maybe I do have: Just Gossip.


I’m officially the king of crap.


5 thoughts on “Why one should really gossip

  1. FIRST

    Haha it’s actually covered in communication theory that gossip is a form of disclosure. Because say I tell colleague X that I don’t like Colleague Y, it makes colleague X feel closer to me, because I trust her with information on colleague Y, and that obviously it demonstrates that I trust her more.

    It’s a good thing not to gossip I guess, but it’s faster when someone gossips with you, then you know where you stand with respect to that person.

    Otherwise, it’s hard to tell if you’re hated or not, that kinda thing.

  2. haha. Gossip in a while is fun~ but I don’t trust myself to gossip with colleagues. Never know when they’re just trying to test you.

    1. yeah i wouldnt risk it if im you, especially of females in business industry. LOL. and trust your basic instinct ba, best is to observe for a longer time first (and hear what people is saying)

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