It’s the circle of shit~~~~

Today marks the start of my nearing-to 2 months vacation.

Hip hip hooray!!!

Yes, I might fail one of the 3 modules I took, because the paper was )*(&@)#@ crazy. I’m currently wishing for people to fail with me also *evil grin*. Praying very hard to bell curve god now, I seriously don’t wanna retake the whole damn thing.

I doubt I’ll be able to pass it even if I were to retake this LOL.

It’s a vacation and at the same time it’s not, because it’s back to reality time, which is back to my office.

Sigh, not sure how to describe the state of my life now, pretty much quite fucked up.

But on the brighter side, I’m going to go watch X Men and Maleficient is coming out soon. I just hope there are more nice movies coming out so there’s something to look forward to in my miserable miserable life.


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