What if I don’t like routines?

Human beings are said to not like changes, is that the reason why most of our lives are routinized?

We wake up at 7.30am, get out at 8am, reach the office at 8.50am and work from 9am to 6pm daily. Get home at around 7.30pm and go to sleep at 11pm. (This loops 5 times a usual normal week)

And we get to pick up the rest of our lives in the next 2 days by resting at home / chilling with friends / hanging out with family.








What about the rest of the people who don’t like routines?



8 thoughts on “What if I don’t like routines?

              1. lol then type whatever, use w/e me no understand haha. but whatever, you got to realise that i think deep. and whatever I’m saying is full of sense. whahaha

                1. ahahaahaha w/e looks much cooler ma. right……………. then please blog more about your deep thoughts rather than just your kpop things tsk.

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