Don’t bitch behind people’s back

thinking that they won’t be paying attention to your bitching.

As proved by me and Oi Oi yesterday while we were queuing for MOF in AMK hub. We were standing at the entrance area browsing through the menu, we weren’t queuing at that time, I think the queue went in the other direction, going horizontally along the display table (not sure how to explain the direction, but in any case, definitely not behind us).

There they are, these 3 bitches behind us (1 guy inside, but to be fair, he didn’t say anything much, but since they’re all together, it’ll be too evil of me to single him out) bitching about some stuffs that’s most probably referring to the 2 of us. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, I was on my phone playing Clash of Clans, Oi Oi were busy flipping the menu deciding to eat ramen or udon, so I was kinda multi-tasking in 3 places. I’ll just type what I kinda remember:

Bitch 1: “… We’ve already decided what we want to eat already, so shouldn’t they just let us enter first, since it’s gonna be faster anyway..”

Actually now that I recall, I think it’s only 1 bitch that’s making most of the conversation, the other 2 was kinda just agreeing.

Bitch 1: “… then you see, if people are still thinking what they wanna eat, then we’re like queuing behind them, then we still have to wait for them to decide what they wanna eat… ”

Bitch 2 / 3 : “Yeah lor. Why not just let us go in first?”

Because that is the whole point of queuing you bitches.

Bitch 1 : “Because even though they are still looking at the menu, if we just go and stand in front of them, then they will just be like, ‘hey, we came here first’ even though they’re not ordering yet”.

I’m not sure if they’re referring to us, but because what they’re saying is so relevant to the situation they think we’re in, so I assume that they’re just happily bitching behind our backs, thinking that me and Oi Oi were busy and we won’t be listening. Thing is, she’s really speaking out loud. We have to be deaf or dead to not hear it. Another thing is, WE, are NOT in the queue.

I wasn’t sure whether to just let them continue bitching behind us or not, because in the first place we’re not in the queue. Then Oi Oi paused and looked at me, and asked, “are they referring to us?”

“I think so, yeah.”

And then we both turned back and while the bitches were still making their speeches, I just said “actually we’re not in the queue at all, you all can like queue over there, we’re just looking at the menu”.

I was being a bit expressionless, a bit hard to be smiling to 3 bitches who’s just been bitching about us, they got a bit shocked, and then we repeated, “we’re just looking at the menu, we’re not queuing.” They had a bit of :O face, and then finally realized and moved over to the actual queue.

Moral of the story: Don’t bitch behind people’s back thinking that they’re not listening, unless you really want them to hear it, but be sure that you’re doing the right thing first before kpkb-ing about people, cuz you’re gonna make a dumbass of yourselves when you’re blaming people for the mistake that you’re doing.


PS : I’m owing a lot of movie reviews man, will catch up again in the next few posts instead. Wanna blog this down before I forget haha.


6 thoughts on “Don’t bitch behind people’s back

    1. oh not clear enough ah, yeah, maybe cuz we standing at the menu there, which is like right next to the entrance, so they thought that we were queuing, but actually there’s another line queuing in the other direction, but i think they didnt pay attention ba.

  1. ohmygawd, they said that ar? now i’m even more annoyed, cos I didn’t know they were trying to cut our “queue”, i thought they came before us then they were debating over how to tell the waiter that they came first if the waiter lets us in first.

    1. yeah, to be fair, is just that one girl who kept going on and on only, maybe the other 2 were much softer, i could onli hear her most of the time haha. i think they themselves didnt notice ba, they thought we came earlier maybe, then saw us standing there liao, for some strange reason think we started the queue there lo. no la, they were just discussing like how come some people seem to be still deciding what to eat, yet they have to wait behind them, whereas theyve already decided what to eat, and itll be much faster if they can go in to order first blah blah.

      1. yeah but that’s as good as asking people in front to just let them go first what.
        aiya, suan le, bitches be minus-ing many many karma points yo.

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