Birthday List

Hello guys,

Getting a bit moodless recently for blogging, thus I hardly update anymore, in any case, this post should have been out earlier, but I was lazy to blog waakakaka.

In any case, for my birthday, most importantly is to see you guys during my birthday periods, so we can have dinner and hang out yo. So please contact me for a day out =) And then to make things easier, I’m going to write out what I want below yo:

1) Tomodachi Life 3DS 

I’m getting my 3DS soon and this is one game that I wanna play the most but haven’t go it yet since it seems like it’s quite hard to get a retail copy of it, in any case, this is on my priority list =D
Decided to get it myself cuz I can’t wait anymore 😀

2) Craftholic Cushion (2x)

Erm this is a bit tricky… Cuz the one I want is the big squarish one that is not the plushie, and I’m not sure what style are there in the retail store now, thus if any one of you is getting me this, we can go together =)

I need this to put in my office for my back, people’s aging yo, this is to make sure that I’m able to sit comfortably in the office 5 days a week from 9-6pm, thus very very important. LOL.

Probably can take 2 of the cushion, I’ll put one at home =D

– 1 cushion reserved by Oi Oi

3) Drawing the Head and Hands – Andrew Loomis 

Not sure where can you guys get this from, I only know bookdepository have this, but in this case, I don’t think it’s going to make it in time for my birthday haha, but it’s okay for belated presents yo =)

4) An Excuse to Draw – Tommy Kane

5) Code of Princess 


Okay, I know the game title sounds cheesy, but it’s the kind of gameplay that I like the most, kinda like Final Fight (Which I don’t know if you guys heard of or not… It’s a SNES game, which is of an ancient era now). Erm. Or TMNT game, nvm, go google it up and you’ll see the gameplay =)

6) An Illustrated Life – Danny Gregory

-Booked by Lynnette

7) Ipod Nano 

For me to use when jogging, it’s very troublesome taking my phone as it’s pulling my pants down and thus I had to hand carry it when I’m jogging.

And yup, I want the above color


I think that’s about it… I’ll say the top 2 is the ones I want the most, and the rest is something I’ll get sooner or later haha. I can’t think of anything for now. Unless you had buy me something already, if not don’t give me anything else I guess.. I have collected a number of soft toys over the years and it’s kinda flooding my bed, I still love soft toys, if any of you already bought them, thanks =D cuz you know what I really like, but if not, just skip it yo, haha, I’ll have to sleep on the floor soon if the soft toys are still coming in.

Well… I do know that most of you guys don’t like giving me cash as present, but if you really have absolutely no idea where to get the above or just lazy to get ’em for me or just plainly want to give me cash, you can still give me, it’s the easiest to give me what I want (though I myself don’t really like giving people cash hahahahahaha).

Just don’t give me jewelries, or anything that’s easily tarnished (talking about edible stuffs here).

Hope to see ye guys soon =D, and gawd I’m starting school soon, dammit.


7 thoughts on “Birthday List

  1. ah shit i forgot to comment when i first saw this post, dammit!
    i lost first!
    and i dont mind getting number 2 with you.

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