The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1

I think I haven’t blogged for a long time. Not sure why, I feel like I’ve shook off the habit of blogging now. Even on weekends, when I’m not studying, I could have find the time to blog, but it just didn’t occur to me about blogging. And then I end up spending whole day rewatching some TV series.

Thus, now have to try to find back the blogging habit, cuz don’t really leave this blog to die.


(May contain spoilers, so you can don’t read on if you’re planning to watch)

I’m behind on so many movies, and I kinda get what Oi Oi said when she blogs about movies / books even though me and Lynnette sometimes don’t go through them (Probably Lynnette does sometimes, my frequency is probably lesser than sometimes). It’s so that we can look back on what movies we’ve watched before, and remember what kind of nice / painful memory we’d gone through when watching it. Sometimes I’m shocked to see I’ve actually watched some certain movies before and flushed it away from my memory completely (have no memories of it at all).

I’ll do the backtracking again when I feels like it. But I should blog about this now while it’s still quite recent.

I was bored for the first movie, it was pretty slow paced, but not that bad, it was the introduction to the whole idea of the Hunger Games. And then I think it got better in the second one, I can’t really remember how I did felt throughout the whole show, but the last scene which shows a close up on Jennifer Lawrence’s face was the impact for me, as I find her expression awesome. The transitioning of a lost panic expression, to emotional struggle as to what’s going to happen, and the look of determination (like she finally made the decision on what she should do).

So I thought the third one is going to be great. I thought I’d probably see a fired up Katniss, probably training for a fight? I think I was generally expecting a really nice tension, or a good preparation for a good fight. What I’ve gotten is 2 hours of neutered Katniss going around acting like a distraught woman who kept going back and forth on her decision. I could have understand if this was shown at fist first 30min-1hour of the show. BUT NOT FOR FRIGGING 2 HOURS.

I get it, she wanted to save her mother, her sister and most importantly Peeta, who has been caught by the Capital. As much as I get it, and she probably get it but refuse to accept it, she can only do so if the whole Capital is being turned over yos, there’s like thousands and thousands of people dying while she’s just acting like a distraught woman all over the place.

Throughout that 2 hours, I’m forced to watch “The Making of the Mockingjay”, halfway through I felt like I’m watching a documentary, where they go around in the woods, mountains, waterfall, ruins, visiting patients. Hey dude, am I watching Hunger Games of the documentary on Salvation Army. As the Resistance was trying to promote Katniss as their mascot Mockingjay, a public figure that inspires people to fight for their freedom, Katniss was assigned a camera crew, to film her going around making Presidential visits to injured patients. No serious, there is a camera crew. So they can like film her and broadcast these clips to people and make them join the Resistance.

Then you will see this short intervals whereby Katniss is like the Bella in New Moon, torn between 2 guys. As Peeta is in the Capital now, so obviously she has no one to turn to except for Gale (the guy from her childhood, as obviously has something going on until Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games and started romancing with Peeta, which Gale just watched on and can’t do anything about it), so she kinda started seeking comfort in him. Granted, it was much better than New Moon (I didn’t watch it but I read it so I know how bad it is) because New Moon is probably 2 hours on THIS triangle relationship.

The Capital seems like such a powerful government, that they have satellite cameras which are able to track down Katniss while doing her visits at the hospital, but completely safe when they’re out in the open everywhere else, while making her propaganda marketing films.

Argh, this show was such a mess, I have no idea, why do they want to make it into 2 parts when they can obviously film it into 1 movie. Okay I do know why, cuz of the money. But seriously, there’s just no content at all. Can you imagine if they only filmed Lord of the Rings now? There will probably be like 12 movies instead of 3. UGH.

Conclusion: This is a total disaster, I’d honestly just watch Les Miserbles again for the second time. I still feel the agitation when talking about how bad the movie is. Yikes.

It’s like the movie is mocking me.


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