Les Misérables



To my surprise, I never blogged about this movie before. I thought I did, and I went to search my blog posts at least twice to trying to find myself blogging about this movie, but apparently I didn’t blog about it at all.

Probably completely forgot  about this movie.

Anyways, now that I’m listening to this musical recently like almost everyday, think I should probably blog about this show. It’s always interesting to blog about horrible movies than the ones that are good, I usually have nothing to write about the good ones cuz I’m usually just asking people to go watch them and thus usually don’t want to write too much about it.

I’ve recently just mentioned to a few people that I’d rewatch Les Miserables than to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 again, I’m going to take back that claim. To be honest, I really cant decide which one am I going to rewatch if I really had to watch any of these. (and then again why am I putting myself in a situation where I have to like choose between the 2) I think it’s because this movie was watched so long ago, I forgot how Misérable I felt while watching this show.

So, to renew the deep feelings I have for that show, I went to re-listen to the soundtrack, and that’s after I heard quite a lot of the 10th year anniversary version (which is considered one of the best). And oh goodness, this is why I cannot decide which is worst, Mockingjay or Miserables. In any case, if you guys wanna try to listen for yourself, you can find it on Spotify, I think the tracks to look out for are these:

– Fantine’s Arrest
– Who Am I?
– Fantine’s Death
– The Confrontation (this is like the classic)
– Master of the House
– On my own
– Epilogue (this is quite important also, the last finale song)

Compare these tracks from the 2 versions and you will be able to see why I say the movie sucks.

My friend told me the good thing is I’ve watched the movie first before listening to the 10th year anniversary, else I probably won’t last long in the theatre. Yea, I agreed with that.

Anne Hathaway’s version is okay, she’s putting a lot of emotions into her singing, a bit exaggerating but still bearable.

As for Hugh Jackman, I have no idea what is he trying here. Actually I probably understand, before the actors go into acting in this movie, they’ve probably heard all the different version, and they probably don’t want to sound too much like any other version and created their own instead. I think partly the reason why I’m okay with Anne Hathaway’s is because hers is very much like the 10th anniversary’s (which might not be a good thing for her. Or not. I don’t know, really care also).

I think I actually like to force myself to do strange things that I don’t like. I kept comparing the 2 versions of “Epilogue” and while the 10th year anniversary’s is longer than the movie version (at a 9 minutes length), and the movie’s at a 8 minutes length. But it felt like time moves so slow when I’m hearing the movie’s version.

Seriously, just don’t watch the movie.


But please go listen to those I’ve mentioned and let me know your thoughts on it =D


One thought on “Les Misérables

  1. FIRST.

    Eh I got listen to a few….okay la. I dunno, maybe cos I was doing my work, so wasn’t really paying attention. I might go listen again.

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