Can someone buy me a…



I’m serious.


6 thoughts on “Can someone buy me a…

  1. FIRST.

    Erm. Weren’t you gonna blog about Taiwan?

    And what kind you want? (Not that I’m necessarily getting it for you. People too tired to shop.)

    1. taiwan ah.. i dunno eh, i think cuz i wrote so much shit in my book liao, a bit lazy to blog about it LOL. ill do it this weekend ba, copying something from book instead haha.

      the kind like the picture lor. im using it as soon as im out of job liao hahaha. anything ba, just bear in mind that my head big so gimme those adjustable de LOL.

            1. i think more like when i have a job i dun need ba, ill be going outdoors ba, everyday stay at home v boring.

              anyways it’s fine le, got one from q10 anyways, thanks.

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