The art of not tying hair

I feel like there’s a lot of posts there are long past overdue, but recently I kinda doesn’t really blog that often. Since I’m now kinda free and unemployed, I will try to blog more often xD

So after I came back from Taiwan, I have cut my hair shorter to about shoulder’s length, actually I’ve went as much as I could have, cuz my exact instructions to the hairdresser is that “just cut as much as you can as long I can still tie it up”. Anyways, so I haven’t been tying my hair for the first few days since there’s lesser hair and people started telling me that I look nicer.

That’s the moment when I realised that I actually do have different taste from people, because I’m the only one who really think putting my hair down make my hair look like the manes of a lion. After constant reassurance from different friends and ex-colleagues that my hair looks nicer when not tied, I finally give in and don’t tie my hair as often and recently I’m thinking of just getting it shorter instead, cuz it’s getting hotter and I can’t resist not tying it any longer.

After some time of letting my hair goes wherever they feel like, I realised that, it’s not easy to let down your hair. Everytime when I’m walking on the streets and looking at the girls with long hair, I’m just thinking, “how do they manage that?”. It’s not easy to really not be conscious about your hair, because the wind doesn’t always blow in your favour, and from these past weeks of experience I’ve gone through, I think the wind often blow in the wrong direction, and my hair is always flying in all different kind of directions.

Even when the wind is do blowing face-front, the image of how I think I look like in other people’s eyes is probably like this:



Even when walking down the stairs, I feel like I look a shorter-hair sadako.

The only consoling thing is probably that I don’t wear dress / skirt thingy, contrary to what is seen often on magazines / websites / television / anywhere else, seriously this kind of image will only happen if you have like dozen of crew members helping to set up the scene.


(plus the horse)

(and do you realise that while the dress is flying in a super nice way, the hair is super still)

(this really cannot be done in real life)

If one is to walk on the beach with her hair down, I think she can only keep walking in 1 direction (where the wind is blowing from her front), and probably just kept walking down that path / facing in that direction.


4 thoughts on “The art of not tying hair


    Yeah, I actually prefer the way my hair looks when it’s down, but it really does nothing but get in the way, so I spend most of my time pushing it behind my ears, which I think doesn’t look nice, but no choice.

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